1C:Trade Management

1C:Trade Management is a highly automated software solution of professional such as process control, analysis and planning, and a reporting system to ensure effective enterprise management

  • On-Premise and Cloud
  • Vietnamese and English

Main functions

Sales Management
Purchase Management
Cash flow Management
Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
  • Suitable for all sizes and types of businesses
  • High decentralization: allow decentralizing to group permissions, positions, vouchers, lists, modules, and each object
  • Set of planning tools for Materials, Purchasing and Sales, Receipts and Expenses
  • Integrate with other solutions such as 1C:Retail, 1C:Finance & Accounting

Sales Management

  • Full management of sales forms: wholesale, retail, Goods in transit for sale, take goods on consignment, internal sales
  • Full of wholesale and retail vouchers
  • The delivery mechanism for Wholesale and Retail

Purchase Management

  • Support to receive goods into warehouses: Suppliers and advanced payments
  • Reflect additional costs (shipping, handling and packaging costs) are increased the cost of goods
  • Support the Purchase mechanism
  • Delivery is missing from the supplier when the actual goods are less than the goods in the invoice are recorded
  • Record the return of poor quality goods to suppliers and adjust liabilities

Cash flow Management

  • Assist with receipts and expenses planning: Schedule accounting with suppliers and customers; Control compliance with payment schedule conditions; Other expenses (purchase costs, selling costs)
  • Credit and loans: credit loan, conditions of principle and interest payment; Calculation of the interest rate; Manage lending staff

Inventory Management

  • Full warehouse transactions: stocktaking, expenses reduce, Stock transfer
  • Allow monitoring the quality of goods: Change the quality of goods; Special sales conditions for poor quality goods

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse management on WMS model
  • Manage detail products according to specific characteristics for each item, group of goods
  • Packing management, closing the same and different types of goods
  • Series and term management using FEFO method

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