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Phạm Thúy Hằng§

Reasons why enterprises need the Document Management software

Document management is the usual work of all companies and enterprises. Aimed at organizing, arranging, and managing docs scientifically, easily to search, avoiding lost, a lot of businesses have used an effective solution.

3 advantages of good managing documents

  • Helps enterprises to create a tight documents management process. Incoming and outgoing papers will be send to exact professional department to be quickly accepted and handled.

  • Create the private environment for the documents archive. Papers, files, related docs will be arranged neatly and scientifically – make the search process much easier and save a lot of time. Enterprises are free from the scare of lost, missing, or lack of documents.

  • Improve the workflow and get the documents handling progress faster

Why do enterprises need a software to manage documents?

There are few usual methods for business and organizations to manage documents, including:

  • Paper management: called the “classic” and “traditional” method that has been used until now. However, this method causes a lot of issues, such as: hugh space for archive, plenty of time for arranging and searching. In fact, many enterprises can not control all of their paper documents have been missed or lost in working.

  • Excel or Word management: helps people reach the data sources easier but cannot avoid the lost if the computer system has problems.

  • Document management software (ECM): ECM is the archive method that has been recognized as the most professional and scientific currently. It helps enterprises and organizations to archive, manage, arrange all the documents following a good standard. ECM has the possibility to manage the large volume of data, through the company internal network (LAN), employees can access everywhere via internet, private computers or smart devices. One of the best solution in the market is 1C:Document Management, developed by 1C Vietnam , has been deployed and recognized by a lot of companies, enterprises, State-own organizations.

1C:Document Management helps enterprises to solve many problems, not only archive documents but also control the teamwork much better, manage and analyze the process of document handling; including: Manage paper come and go; Internal database; Save and Search the common files; Control working time of employees; Record and manage email and inbox; Manage timing of individual and team work. The software is also available for digital platforms like smartphone and tablet, installed on Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS).

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