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About 1C Vietnam

1C Vietnam operates as a subsidiary of 1C company — the leader of Russian and Eastern Europe business solutions market. We are specializing in develops, distributes software and provides support services for business.

In its operations, 1C Vietnam has strived to provide clients with optimal technology services, products and solutions

  • There are over 3000 companies in Viet Nam using 1C solutions in their everyday business operation and 1C Vietnam partnership network actively expanding through the major cities across the country
  • Human resources are the core value and the solid foundation which enables 1C Vietnam to constantly generate added value for customers. Currently, we has more than 40 employees from Russia and Viet Nam
  • We has experiences in project deloy for different sectors: Commercial, Construction, Retail

1C:Enterprise Platform – Key Advantages

1C Solution is designed to be high flexible, scalable and developer-friendly platform giving you a solution — and a team — you can rely on for the long-haul

  • The system’s development keeps up on business and user demand growth, innovative accounting and management techniques, legislative changes, and corporate standards
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS; supports multiple browsers and five DMBS
  • The 1C:Enterprise solutions grow along with your business, from single-user applications to corporate systems with thousands of concurrent users


1C:Company Management

1C:Company Management helps control and manage business processes in company, provides transparency for operations and shows new opportunities for growth and development

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1C:Document Management

1C:Document Management is an optimal solution for centralized management of all corporate unstructured information through synchronous resolution of large tasks, including automation of document management, assignment and signing, control and analysis of perform disciplines

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AccountingSuite is an accounting solution base on 1C:Enterprise, has full of function to apply business accounting in all fields

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Sammi Shop is as know as the biggest cosmetic systems in Viet Nam, owner 13 stores in 2 big cities are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

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