1C:Document Management

1C:Document Management is a solution for automating and convert digital documents & Control jobs anytime anywhere on different devices, in order to optimize processes, road-map for approval conditions by financial limits or management levels, structured and unstructured centralized information storage of enterprises.

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    1C:Document Management is the most suitable tool for daily working which fits all types of businesses such as administrative, SME, Corporation (nationalwide or worldwide subsidiaries)... The solution also matches almost main sectors such as Banking, Construction, Audit, Law, Manufacture, Trade, Services, Tourism, Education, Real Estate, Administration...

    Standard package

    1C:Document Management is provided full package of features such as process management, document storing management, project management, e-office management...

    Custom package

    1C:Document Management easily satisfies all customizations according to customer requirements during deployment or after operation, always updated with the development of the enterprise according to the trend of the times.

    Advanced package

    Provided as a full package of features as standard. However, this package has added more extended features and apply to the corporate model with a large number of users from 500 users concurrent connection or more.


    1C:Document Management covers all activities related to docflow and workflow of the enterprise


    Project Management

    Mobile Application


    E-Office Management


    Not only adapts every activity of an e-office, 1C:Document Management also brings outstanding benefits for enterprises to have sustainable development as well as competitive advantages optimization

    Enhancing performance

    Centralized management and storage of information, providing an automation processes and digitalized system.

    Modern worldwide technology

    The solution is developed on the basis of 1C: Enterprise specialized in automation software design and enterprise management with open logic structure and regularly updated with the most advanced technology in the world; the best solution operates in multi-platform environment, regardless of the service provider.


    A key advantage of 1C Solutions is 1C:Enterprise platform. It not only brings outstanding experience for users to work on an open platform but also creates a synergy between various 1C solutions. Based on that, businesses can have sustainable development without overlapping functions and conflicts in communication.

    Driving  digital effectiveness