A flexible ERP solution to empower enterprises to meet digital business challenges and enhance competitive advantage in the technological era.

  • Complete automation of all processes, activities and workflows
  • Intuitive dashboard to control and manage every aspect of businesses
  • Transparent business with goals concentration
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1C:ERP is not only suitable for any type of business model but also helps manufacturing companies to manage continued business growth and support changes in production technology. Provided from a simple to complex workflow, the flexible solution tailored to business needs from medium to large enterprises.

Standard package

Enable manager to manage business activities through the solutions' features from general management to specific functional management.

Customize package

Not only the accessibility of full features of the solution, they can be customized in accordance to the requirements of the business.

Advance package

This is the most powerful package which can satisfied requirements of enterprises with a tailored solution by customizing features and developing the new one.


1C:ERP offers a full set of features for business management activities and a completed automation system.

Monitoring & analysis

Cost management


Procurement management

Production management


Sales management

Inventory management


Not only concentrating on every aspect of businesses, 1C:ERP brings outstanding benefits for enterprises to have sustainable development as well as optimize competitive advantages

Fast implementation

The implementation is almost twice as fast as the implementation of ERP-systems. Thank to low code solutions and the experience of 25,000+ 1C:ERP implementation projects.

Modern worldwide technology

The solution is developed on the basis of 1C:Enterprise specialized in automation software design and enterprise management with open logic structure and regularly updated with the most advanced technology in the world; the best solution operates in multi-platform environment, regardless of the service provider.


A key advantage of 1C Solutions is 1C:Enterprise platform. It not only brings outstanding experience for users to work on an open platform but also creates a synergy between various 1C solutions.

Driving  digital effectiveness