1C:Company Management

1C:Company Management helps enterprises control and manage business processes, provides transparency for operations and shows new opportunities for growth and development.

A business software solution with flexible features which automates enterprises’ management activities in different sizes and models. The solution has excellent functions to support management, control, analysis and planning. It is suitable and can customize for specific industry and business needs to ensure the most convenient for the work of user.

The solution is designed to fit with actual needs of users. Hence, enterprises can easily expand their system in long-term plan. In short-term, the solution is essential for improving performance.

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    The solution is fit with any sectors, includes but not limited to: Services: Commercial service & Commercial cost service Trade: Retail & service; Wholesales & Distributors; Goods and services Manufacturing: Based on orders; consecutive manufacturing; single production Construction: Constructing service, all-in-one service

    Standard package

    Allows managers to manage enterprises through full functions of 1C:Company Management such as: Purchase; Sales; Finance; Manufacture; Payroll; Inventory

    Customize package

    Based on specific management of the enterprise, the system allows customizing to enable/disable features in accordance with the requirements of the business, especially, outstanding with the ability to customize the system from user authorized interface.

    Advance package

    1C Vietnam developer team is ready to assist enterprises to tailor the system to meet specific requirements and satisfy any management methods.


    1C:Company Management covers all business activities to effectively support enterprise management


    Sales Management




    Purchasing Management



    Not only concentrating on every aspects of businesses, 1C:Company Management brings outstanding benefits for enterprises to have sustainable development as well as optimize competitive advantages

    Data centralization & management

    All data is stored on only one base. Users only need to access the software to manage the enterprises. (Limited access is available)

    Modern worldwide technology

    The solution is developed on the basis of 1C:Enterprise specialized in automation software design and enterprise management with open logic structure and regularly updated with the most advanced technology in the world; the best solution operates in multi-platform environment, regardless of the service provider.


    A key advantage of 1C Solutions is 1C:Enterprise platform. It not only brings outstanding experience for users to work on an open platform but also creates a synergy between various 1C solutions. Based on that, businesses can have sustainable development without overlapping functions and conflicts in communication.

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