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Satisfying customers is always 1C Vietnam's highest priority. Along with our digital transformation solutions, we also offer various professional and conscientious digital services. Therefore, 1C Vietnam has earned the trust of 5000+ enterprises of all industries and scales, from all over Vietnam. Each customer exquisitely represents 1C Vietnam's achievement and development throughout the years.

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What do enterprises talk about 1C Vietnam?

Let's hear our customers share their direct experience with 1C Vietnam's solutions and services!

Mr Nguyễn Thanh Tâm
Head of Information Technology Department of Hateco Group

The biggest benefit we got from 1C software is the simplification of processes, making it convenient to manage the work of specialized departments as well as individual users. In addition to time efficiency, our manual tasks are also automated to become most effective.

Ms Vũ Thị Bích Hạnh
Chief Accountant of Midomax Vietnam Joint Stock Company

There are 2 features in 1C software that I like the most. The first one is the business plan customization feature, which helps my team proactively create more sales promotion processes without requiring support from 1C's programming team. The second feature I like is remote working support, allowing Midomax employees to work online when necessary.

Ms Nguyễn Thị Hải Yến
Head of Human Resources & Administration Department of TD Group - SammiShop

Currently, SammiShop's retail system is still using 1C's software, as well as TD Group's accounting department is still using 1C:Finance & Accounting software. Up to now, everyone rates 1C's software as quite useful, contributing positively to SammiShop's activities as well as the operations of related departments.

Enterprises' digital transformation journeys with 1C Vietnam

Each business has different demands and requirements due to different processes and business goals. Let's see how 1C Vietnam's solutions are able to solve each company's "management puzzle"!

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