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Satisfying customers is the highest priority of 1C Vietnam. Along with our solutions, we also offer professional and conscientious services. Therefore, more than 3000+ Vietnamese customers trust in 1C Vietnam. Each customer represents for our achievement and development.

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What do they talk about 1C Vietnam ?

Let's see our customers who directly and daily use our solutions share their experience.

Ms. Nguyen Hoang Thi
Chief Finance Officer

1C:Finance & Accounting helps me to save a huge amount of time because of accounting for multi-identity in one database function. We have saved 45 working hours and 5% of corporation expense in the first month of using 1C Vietnam’s software.

Mr. Do Minh Duc
Head of information technology department

I am impressed by the intelligence and usefulness of 1C Vietnam software. The dashboard for managers can be personalized by different users. For important tasks, I can drag and drop to the dashboard which is a shortcut to access while hiding unnecessary functions.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son
Head of system management department

I am satisfied with after sales services of 1C Vietnam. The support department is enthusiastic to answer our questions while we have trouble in being familiar with the software.

Customer journeys with 1C Vietnam

Each customer has different demands and requirements due to different activities and purposes. Let see how 1C Vietnam satisfies them through some particular cases of our customers

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