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A casestudy of applying 1C:HRM & Payroll to Small and medium enterprise (SME)

Actual state, obstacle:

  • Staff work concurrently in many positions, at the same time manage data manually therefore mistake is easily taken in business operation
  • Compensation and remuneration policies are inconsistent due to failure to set up a synchronized policy, discrete management, fostering human resources activity is not paid much attention, affecting the hard working performance of retaining talents
  • Lack of support teams (administrative, legal ...) so employees take more time to handle related administrative tasks themselves
  • The Managers directly make decisions quickly but the archival of records and decisions is not fully implemented resulting in deviations, lack of records, takes a lot of time when auditing and finding original documents

Solution by 1C:

  • The standard package and flexible customization control fully across all operations in human resource management including from the process of staff planning, recruitment implementation, staff acquisition and management, training, evaluation, payroll and compensation, deductions of tax, insurance, trade union, payment records, final termination payment...
  • All records are digitized, processed, automatically printed from the system and scanned files are saved to the system, which is convenient for searching, avoiding any risk of misplaced records
  • Based on real data, 1C: HRM & Payroll solution analyze the current situation and current HR trends of the enterprise, supporting the Board of Directors to make timely adjustments and orientations
  • Help to manage process, policies in a synchronized and consistent manner, stabilize the personnel system, retain talents
  • Moreover, as the enterprise grows broader, the enterprise can itself adjust the organization with dynamic structure without any additional fee