1C:HRM & Payroll

1C:HRM & Payroll not only limits to recent business demand but more transcendently, it orients the user to modern and effective human resources management to the future trend of developed countries.

1C:HRM & Payroll offers in-depth control for the entire human resources cycle with full managing functions

  • On-Premise and Cloud
  • Vietnamese and English

Main functions

Staff planning
Human resources management
Training and Development
Tax and Insurance
Appraisal and
Labor safety
Setting and Administrator


  • Optimize time, cost, the resource of the entire Company since information is recorded and sent directly to Human resources Department through 1C:HRM&Payroll solution, continually updating real-time data which supports business management and approval wherever and whenever Board of Directors are, meeting consecutive operation intensity of the Enterprise
  • Automate and standardize business process, modern and effective human resource management style
  • Easily manage and stabilize organization, foster and retain talents with close control of policies and processes synchronously
  • Improve work efficiency, motivation, quality of employees by properly and fully evaluating the human resources of the Company, thereby build an appropriate development strategy for each operation period of the Company


  • Automate entire recruitment process: from building a recruitment plan until sending an offer letter to qualified candidate
  • Build a recruitment plan that includes information about position, department, reason, priority, job description and requirements
  • Control vacancy advertisement cost and analyze the efficiency of recruitment channels, vacancies in accordance with specific cases
  • Manage all information about candidates: education, work experience, contact, test, interview result and record entirely to staff profile when receiving as an official staff
  • Execute orientation/onboard training for new staff to ensure their adaptability and requirement satisfaction of work and task assigned

Human Resource Management

  • All staff information is controlled according to the organizational chart, department, position; allows full storage of employee information: employee code, recruitment process, personal information, salary history, experience, contracts, training, rewards, family members, annual health check, health insurance...
  • Contract management: Contract term, contract type, signing date and print contract directly from the system; design and modify the contract terms in appropriate to each period
  • Managing the process of increasing, reducing salary rank, reward, discipline, rotation, promotion, monitoring the whole working period of employees at the company, printing decisions directly from the system
  • Managing different types of leave for employees: annual leave, business trip, maternity leave, unpaid leave... corresponding to different regimes
  • Termination management: Exit interview, minutes of handover, liquidation of contract, the decision of contract termination
  • All document are stored on the system in scan file

Training and Development

  • Manage training program, implementation schedule, training costs, duration and objective participants
  • Manage, create templates and print training commitment directly from the system
  • E-learning: Flexible upload training document with multiple format types, manage log/time accessing to E-learning program which helps to implement periodical training, minimize training costs and time
  • Check and monitor training results, manage training certificates, save all on employee records

Appraisal and Motivation

1C:HRM & Payroll provides a full range of appraisal tools with flexible standardized package

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • OKR (Objectives and Key Results)
  • 360° appraisal
  • Manage benefit and welfare to create motivation for staff based on a specific department, position


  • Timesheet is directly filled with fingerprint data integrated from the timekeeper machine combined with all leave forms on the system transferred automatically
  • Managing overtime, classifying overtime statistics by each type
  • Unilaterally create unlimited salary formulas, allowance formulas, flexibly declaring tax and insurance for each income towards the needs of the enterprise and industry characteristics
  • The Total payroll of the entire Company/ Branch is generated from the system and submitted to the Board of Directors
  • Send payslip automatically to Self-service account, print income confirmation letter directly from payroll

Tax & Insurance

  • Dependant reduction
  • Monthly Personal Income Tax report (.xml file) to submit to the Tax authority
  • Annual Personal Income Tax Finalization
  • Increase, decrease the quantity of staff, an adjustment in the insurance contribution amount
  • List of staff request for Insurance compensation
  • Personal code duplication management

Self-Service Account

  • Apply to leave online from Self service account, self-control remaining leave days
  • Self-manage personal information and update if changes are available
  • Self-manage individuals tasks, working schedule
  • Receive payslip automatically, view anytime
  • Available full training information being organized and register for participation directly from Self service account
  • Participate in E-learning, manage training document

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