1C:HRM & Payroll

A solution makes the HR management process simply; automate in payroll, taxes, insurance and labor safety management; helps the recruitment process such as planning, recruitment, training and staff evaluation

  • On-Premise and Cloud
  • Vietnamese and English

Main functions

Training and Development
HR Management
Taxes and Insurrances
  • The system not only meets the professional requirements but also helps users to manage human resources effectively and modernly
  • High-security capabilities; powerful authorization feature; integrate with other solutions
  • Set up the formulation of the income calculate
  • Easy to change the contract, decision form; insert logo, header, footer of the company; suitable for business activities at each time
  • Report system and multivariate to help the manager make specific development strategies and plans


  • Recruitment plan at the beginning of the year or special needs of departments
  • Create a recruitment plan that includes information about positions, department, priority, job description and requirements
  • Select recruitment channels and cost management
  • Manage all information about candidates: education, work experience, contact
  • Create a training program and professional to meet the requirements of work and assigned tasks

Training and Development

  • Develop a training plan at the beginning of the year according to business tasks
  • Organize and implement training courses according to different requirements; allow input and results analysis for each employee
  • Allow creating templates and signing commitments with employees
  • Allow building online courses, with a variety of content, flexible and easily accessible for employees and reduce training costs

Purchasing & Payable Liabilities

  • All the list of employees are summarised by an organization chart, departments, positions; allows updating employees information and setting up the formulation of salaries and allowances
  • Manage different types of leave corresponding to different benefits
  • Storage information about health insurance packages

Production Cost

  • Allows recording of daily working hours, automatic schedules according to the State’s regulations and requirements of the business
  • Calculation of salary and educated in a month, allow clearing, calculation of supplier or third party payment

Closing Month

  • Family circumstance deductions
  • Finalization of personal income tax
  • Support insurance declaration forms, taxes and trade union fees deduction


  • Support types of lists: Payment accounting (statistics of all salaries, collected, retention through banks and funds); Salaries payment list by bank transfer; Salary payment sent to the bank; Salary payment sent to the fund
  • Payable amounts: Transfer of personal income tax, compulsory insurance, and trade union fees to the budget

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