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Atlantic - Success story

Established in 2003, as an education and training enterprise, Atlantic has a mission of connecting Vietnamese students and the international field of knowledge" – let students get closer to their successes in the future.

Along with the development, Atlantic has been recognized though its achievements such as eulogy and certificates from well-known international education organizations and embassies: ICEF International Consultants for Education and Fairs, certificates of Wellington, New Zealand...

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Project's objectives

The project aims to provide an information system which digitalize all financial, accounting data and statistics as well as reduce the amount of workload for accountant. In detail, the system needs to show revenue and profit reports in any businesses’ activities that the manager concerns.

Situational analysis (before implementing the project)

After discussing with the head of department as well as understanding client’s workflow and processes, 1C Vietnam found out that there are two problems that need to be improved.

  • Data is independently recorded. Additionally, the collecting method is in traditional way which is manually imported through Excel
  • Accountants need to spend a lot of time to clarify expenses from the head quarter to two main offices and then narrow down to each branch, for each sector to finally calculate detail loss and profit.

Solution architecture

After carefully analyzed current situation of Atlantic, 1C Vietnam’s consultants found out that 1C:Finance & Accounting is the best solution to solve client’s problems.

Solution feature

Although the software has many features to assist enterprises in terms of optimizing business efficiency, these features are highlighted to show the suitability with the audience’s brief.

  • Set up multiple legal identities of the enterprise in only one database
  • Allocate expenses from the head quarter to subsidiaries with certain ratio
  • Set up a diversified report as client’s requirements, according to their managerial demands

Project results

In conclusion, the project successfully ends in time and satisfies customers by meeting all requirements. Workloads, time spent are significantly reduced to increase Atlantic’s efficiency. 1C Vietnam will always support the dream’s maker and hope for a cooperation in the near future.