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Phạm Thúy Hằng§

1C:Enterprise – Technical platform helps to build the enterprise’s professional software

1C:Enterprise is the high technical platform developed by 1C Russia. Trusted by 1,500,000 enterprises, the platform has been successfully applied and customized to be suitable for variety of business in multiple aspects all around the world.

Recently, along with the development of information technology solutions, keyword “Platform” has become well-known. So what is Platform? Basically, platform is the technology base was built to design, create, develop software solutions and mobile applications.

Instead of taking months or even years to build a good application, nowadays there are a lot of platforms can adapt and support the developers with the super-fast speed, without asking a high technical profession. Among them, 1C: Enterprise is a must significance to think about.

Ensure the higher the effectiveness of enterprises

Main purpose of an application development platform is making the improvement process becomes easier and more effective. Therefore, elemination of take-much-time subjects during coding helps to focus on the more important things, such as concentrate on building the process of the enterprise.

Not like many other platforms in the world, 1C:Enterprise heads to the innovative approach in software industry – Domain Driven Design (DDD). The core value of DDD is made for solutions or applications which include complicated logical subjects and demand modelization them in coding.

DDD combines with open source code helps experts to execute, helps programmers to easily read and understand the business logic, so on can support and develop the project, as well as customize, adapat and solve sthe business’puzzles.

1C:Enterprise Development Tools (EDT) is the new-era-platform of 1C:Enterprise with the best tools to support programmers and experts. EDT includes a hugh amount of coding automation, makes the coding process much faster and easier, so on allows the function improvement through Plugin technology.

Ensure effieciency and operation scale for enterprises

Solutions based on 1C:Enterprise platform have ability to expand and improve along with the development of the business, starting from an 1-user solution to a corporate system with thousands of concurrent connections.

On the other hand, system architecture ensures the high efficiency and trustworthiness when increasing loading volume and data source.

The platform structure allows the security of the software with higher decentralization.

Flexibility and high customization

One of the most typical strengths of solutions and applications which are built based on 1C:Enterprise platform; is customization following specific business requirements. The system development always catch up and adapt the increase of enterprise and users’ demands; capture new management trend; follow legal changes and company regulations.