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A casestudy of applying 1C:HRM & Payroll to Large enterprise, Group, Corporations

Actual state, obstacle

The model of many subsidiaries is cumbersome, difficult to manage and synchronize data, personnel information is misleading because many employees work in the same data.

Many different ranks of salary, income, allowances for each job position, department, labor group, making it difficult for management.

Frequent fluctuations in organizational structure, personnel rotation but not being fully recorded or difficult to be solved with common, inflexible HR solutions.

Assessment and training activities are not carried out periodically, the quality of personnel is not homologous.

Solution by 1C

The advanced package is ready to support enterprise to build systems in accordance with the specific process, satisfying all management methods and human resource management process, any business issue of all specific departments or sectors.

Dynamic solution 1C: HRM & Payroll allows dynamic setup of a variety of inputs from the user interface, meeting any requirement of frequent fluctuations according to the operational needs of Group, Corporation enterprise in particular and all enterprises in general:

  1. Dynamic organization structure: allow comprehensive management, unlimited legal entity, department, division, section... in the same system, especially suitable for the scale of group and corporation.
  2. Dynamic printing templates: time sheet, decisions, contracts, minutes, commitments, payslips, payment records.
  3. Dynamic current legal parameters: the common minimum wage, the regional minimum wage, deduction rate of insurance, trade union by employee, employer, PIT deductions, reduction.
  4. Dynamic salary formula: flexible setting of formula, insurance & taxes…
  5. Dynamic report template: report display option, changing report attributes, reporting analysis directions, report types, chart report, changing chart types according to analysis requirement…
  6. Dynamic email template: send candidates, interview council members…

All data of the Group, Corporate is stored centralized on the server, ensuring data synchronization and allowing decentralized operation authorization according to each assigned data array.

Multidimensional analysis report system of 1C: HRM & Payroll supports Board of Managers to manage the huge human resource system of the Group, Corporate in a synchronized and consistent manner, stabilizing the organization, promoting labor productivity and talent retention, especially senior personnel, contribute positively to the development of the enterprise.