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AASC - Success story

Formed from Financial Accounting and Auditing Consultancy Service Company Limited, AASC Auditing Firm Company Limited (AASC) has been renamed as one of the first two largest Vietnamese auditing firm. The company’s services include audit, accounting, financial and tax consultancy and enterprise valuation.  

As commitment with WTO, AASC has transformed from a State-owned enterprise into an independent firm in 2007. AASC is known as one of five auditing companies operating in Vietnam which has the biggest annual revenue, systems of clients and number of employees. Currently, AASC owned 3 offices including head quarter in Hanoi, branches in HCMC and Quangninh City

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Project’s objectives

The aim of the project is to provide a consolidated information system which digitalizes and collects data for the three offices.

Situational analysis (before implementing the project)

After discussing with the head of department as well as understanding client’s workflow and processes, 1C Vietnam found out that there are problems that need to be improved.

  • Data and tasks of each branch is independently worked on other software. It leads to lack of information and the information is not centralized to reach the big picture
  • Information is manually transformed. It is resulted in time wasted, security risky, lack of accuracy and controllable challenges
  • The speed of the old system is not stable which causes slowly progress and reducing performance

Solution architecture

As the problems and limitations of the old system are visible, BOD of AASC decided to make a change in terms of replace new modern and customizable system.

As a result, 1C:Finance & Accounting is chosen as it fits the client’s requirements in both specified functions and utilization.

Solution features

The software and its features meet all client’s requirements from management purpose to Vietnamese accounting standard (VAS). In addition, 1C:Finance & Accounting fits specialized demands of the audit firm:

  • Contract management: record all contract’s information such as date of signing, date of validity, status of the contract…
  • Expenses management detailed by each contract and each department
  • Revenue management detailed by each contract and each department
  • Liabilities and receivables management detailed by contract, tracking period of debt by each contract
  • Advance payment management detailed by each contract
  • Fast and accurately 3 branches’ data consolidation

Project result

After deployment process, AASC is satisfied with 1C Vietnam’s solution as it solved the client’s challenges:

  • Built a consolidated database and information system
  • Support to conduct a general report by synchronized all data in a single database
  • Reduce time for reporting and working process (save up to 80% amount of time)