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1C Skills Camp 2023 - Explore the future of technology and open the door to an IT career

Following the success of previous years, the 1C Skills Camp software programming contest has returned in 2023, right in Vietnam. With a scale of up to 5000 talented candidates, 1C Skills Camp 2023 is ready to welcome young people who are passionate about technology and desire to break through with unique ideas.

Organized in 3 rounds both online and offline, 1C Skills Camp 2023 is not just a competition, but a most anticipated event this year. Here, talented young people will have the opportunity to access the most advanced technologies and participate in creative challenges that require analytical, programming and problem solving abilities.

With the goal of creating an environment of exchange, learning and challenge, 1C Skills Camp 2023 gives candidates great experiences in the field of technology. You will be immersed in a team of talented teammates, interact with technology experts and experts, share ideas and collaborate to create breakthrough technology products.

The contest not only challenges contestants' programming ability, but also creates conditions for players to learn and apply the technology platform 1C:Enterprise - one of the world's leading platforms for developers. enterprise application. This is also an opportunity for candidates to experience Low-code technology which is the leading trend in the world and discover the creative potential as well as the technological strengths that this platform brings.

After 3 rounds of competition, 1C Skills Camp 2023 will bring you diverse and dramatic challenges. In particular, the best contestants in each round will receive cash prizes, certificates and have the opportunity to get jobs or internships at the world's leading prestigious technology companies.

Information about the 1C Skills Camp 2023 contest:

  • Participants: Partners , customers of 1C Vietnam, teachers, students and experts in Information Technology, Information Systems and Professional Programmes
  • Participation form:

+ 3 rounds: round 1, 2 online (Online), 3rd round (Offline) in Hanoi, Vietnam

+ The programmers will undergo some training by 1C experts and then will participate in the qualifying round. The contestants with the highest ranking in each round will receive cash prizes and certificates. In the final round of training, the top-ranked contestants will receive cash prizes, certificates, job opportunities or internships at 1C's leading technology companies and will have the opportunity to participate in competitions. international contest.

  • Number of participants:

+ The contest gathers 5000 contestants from both Vietnam and abroad

+ Individuals will participate in teams of 3 people/group (1 or 2 people can also form a group to compete if they do not want to join groups of 3). BTC recommends individuals to form groups of many people to have more ideas and have a higher chance of winning.

  • Prize:

Cash prizes up to: $11,000 will be transferred directly to the winners' account by 1C Company:

+ Round 1: First prize: $1,285; Prize: $860; Third - Fifth Prize: $430

+ Round 2: First prize: $1715; Second Prize: $860; Third Prize: $430

+ Final round: First prize: $7150; Other prizes: Memorable souvenirs for all finalists

  • Timeline:

May 15 - June 30: Open contest registration form

1/7 - 15/9: Round 1 of the competition

September 16 - November 8: Round 2 of the competition

December 8 - December 11: Round 3 - Finals of the competition in Hanoi, Vietnam

*The cost of travel, meals, accommodation, sleep, rest for the final round (round 3) will be borne by the Organizing Committee.

responsible for 100% payment.

  • Register online at Link: https://1cskills.com/
  • Deadline to register for the contest: June 30, 2023

Don't miss the opportunity to show your abilities, discover your potential and make the leap in a promising technology career! Sign up for 1C Skills Camp 2023 today and get ready to be the pioneers of the new age technology revolution!

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