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Thu Huong


Recently, according to a study by MuleSoft - a leading enterprise in the field of automation, the results: "Adapting to the increasing needs of customers and promoting sustainable growth, efficiency will be the important goals of organizations and businesses in 2023.”

And to achieve those goals, digitization will be an important step marking a great change for businesses to meet the needs of customers, as well as achieve future development goals. .

Every business will have its own digitization journey, but the stages for businesses to get ready to take off include most of the steps such as:

Build a solid foundation

A solid foundation will be the foundation for all development, and the application of a superior technology platform is the direction of the whole world in today's digital era because technology not only makes life comfortable but it also makes life easier. It is also a tool to help businesses promote business and create momentum for growth. Therefore, solutions for automating business processes, operated by information technology will be a solid foundation for digitizing businesses.

In 2023, digitization platforms such as Low-code and No-code are expected to become more and more popular as it brings software that requires little or no programming knowledge that can still be manipulated. and custom.

Separate digitization

After choosing a platform for themselves, businesses go to the step of building individual conversion programs or belonging to each department or department. For example, for manufacturing enterprises, the door to a breakthrough is the production department, so digitizing this department will be a step to make obvious changes for the business.

Partial Synchronization

Each department in the enterprise needs certain changes in technology, operations, data, etc., or it is the synchronization of each department with coordinated programs to implement the cross throughout the enterprise. For large enterprises, this is very important to create a launching pad for the digitization of the whole corporation.

Full sync

A solid foundation, each part is digitized, each process system, data, etc. is synchronized, which will help businesses implement complete digitization more easily than the steps that lack the foundation. , lack of planning, ... Full synchronization is also the shortest way to help businesses get closer to the set goals.

2023 has officially started, a new race for Vietnamese businesses to affirm their position, improve their competitive strength, and at the same time reduce unnecessary costs and improve business efficiency. business.

According to a prediction by IDC - International Data Company, nearly 80% of organizations in some industries will be digital dependent by 2023, so technology investments to upgrade and grow Developing business activities is very necessary and leaders need to pay attention to the above steps to be able to optimize time and costs when deciding to step into the digitalization path for their business.

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