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3 things leaders need to keep in mind to create the future with Digital Office

In this article, let's take a look at 3 "tactics" with 1C Vietnam to help managers with Digital Office applications to optimize business operations!

In the context of the information technology revolution that is increasingly changing the way both employees and businesses work, preparing for a future operated by the Digital Office is an inevitable move to ensure the success and sustainable development of the business. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that businesses with high flexibility, easily changing with market fluctuations will not only survive in difficult circumstances, but also quickly break through. when conditions become favorable.

To make the most of the valuable benefits that technology in general, and the Digital Office in particular, bring, business leaders need to prepare themselves and the company team with the right digital transformation mindset with skillful management strategy. In this article, let's take a look at 3 "tactics" with 1C Vietnam to help managers with Digital Office applications to optimize business operations!

What is office number?

Digital office is a term being used to describe a completely digital-based working environment. This includes the use of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, etc. to connect to software via the Internet to manage, store, process and share information.

The digital office plays an important role in improving work productivity and reducing the time and cost of traditional office activities.

This technology platform allows businesses to work remotely and connect with colleagues and customers anytime and anywhere, thereby enhancing flexibility and increasing work productivity. This solution provides all the tools that managers and employees need to get the job done, including project management, processes, communication, social media, data storage, and more. .

In fact, most organizations are applying digital technologies such as Chat tools or Excel tables to manage work. However, for long-term effectiveness, businesses need to implement a tightly linked system to maximize the functionality of all these tools. With the aim of advanced digital office, comprehensive digital office solutions such as 1C: Document Management were born with the desire to work with businesses to promote digital transformation and take advantage of the full potential of “e-office” technology to achieve success and sustainable development.

3 things leaders need to pay attention to to apply Digital Office effectively

1. Survey and objectively evaluate the wishes of the personnel

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the importance of work-life balance. A number of studies have shown that up to 68% of workers want to work in a flexible hybrid environment after the pandemic is over. In order to serve the needs of flexible working, the application of Digital Office solutions will help ensure that the process of accessing company data is always seamless, safe and complete. However, there are still many jobs that require personnel to be present in person to ensure effective team coordination, and to increase accuracy and closeness for managers to monitor joint work. Therefore, what employees want and the reality of that desire are two different issues, and leaders need to be really "sober" to make accurate and objective decisions to serve the development goals. development and overall growth of the enterprise.

In order to truly understand the desires of employees, thereby balancing what the team wants and the reality of those desires, leaders should listen and examine closely. demonstrate” the ideas proposed by the employee. Some factors that business leaders should consider when surveying personnel can include:

- Does the proposal of the staff have a direct impact on the financials of the business?

- Does the HR proposal affect the current working process of the business? Does the influence make the process more efficient or will it break the process?

- Do HR recommendations really make the team more productive, or will it affect overall performance? If the proposal is accepted, how will personnel performance be measured?

At the same time, the leader also needs to constantly agree with his team on the direction and common goals of the company, ensure equal interests for both parties, avoid "promising" or developing. direction deviation. The objectivity of the leadership will also contribute to improving the company's overall collective culture, building trust for employees, and helping to improve the internal resources of the enterprise when the staff is engaged.

2. Reviewing consumer behavior

According to McKinsey's report, during the pandemic, consumers now have drastic changes in behavior and purchasing decisions, especially favoring units with fast response and processing speed. goods quickly.

This means that businesses now also need to "upgrade" their own operating processes as well as improve the products and services they provide to stand out from thousands of competitors. other competition on the market.

Upgrading quality from the core is the new goal that today's flexible businesses should aim for.

The application of technology, especially internal connection solutions such as Office No. 1C: Document Management, will help businesses systemize centralized data, optimize operational processes, and eliminate risks due to process failures. process, manual errors bring. Thanks to strict monitoring and management tools, leaders can accurately assess which stages are "broken points" in the business operation process, thereby offering appropriate remedial strategies to continuously improve the quality of products and services right from the process of coordinating work within the company's internal team.

In line with the 4.0 era, businesses also need to consider investments in digital capabilities, including modern work tools, enhancing employees' ability to use technology, ability to quickly adapt new number changes. When internal operations become smoother and faster, the quality of customer service is also improved, helping customers have more positive experiences with the brand.

3. Catch up on new technology trends

Before the economy received "dizzying" fluctuations as a result of the pandemic, many pioneering businesses applied technology in the process of operating and corporate governance, but this number was not much. and popular.

Not long after, the crisis demonstrated the importance and urgency of technology in business operations. Now that the crisis has temporarily passed, in the difficult "post" period of overcoming, the application of technological tools in management is not only a "sufficient" condition, but is now a "sufficient" condition. needed" if businesses want to maintain their performance and rise above their competitors in the fierce market.

The use of technology in business management and operation today is gradually becoming the "new normal" thanks to increasing investments, and a change in leadership thinking, always having to be prepared. to flexibly deal with the next crisis.

Although the traditional office cannot be completely eliminated, experts in the field of administration have been seeing a "wave" of global transformation. The form of a Digital Office is becoming more and more popular thanks to its convenience, regulation, cost savings, resources, and countless other worthy benefits. Along with working support technologies similar to Digital Office, trends such as AI, Big Data, IoT, ... and many new forms of technology released every day should also be noticed by business leaders. Pay attention, continuously update and catch up quickly so that your company does not fall behind in the market.

In the midst of a crisis situation that is in a state of "sleeping", this is the most appropriate opportunity for businesses to "refresh" themselves, their internal teams and comprehensive operating methods to towards more sustainable and breakthrough success. Changing management thinking and improving leadership is always a difficult problem, but flexible support tools like Digital Office will help businesses get closer and closer to the perfect, suitable solution. consistent with its own theme.

Contact 1C Vietnam immediately to receive advice on exact solutions for specific problems of your business, and together move closer to the goal of digital success!