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Phạm Thúy Hằng

Marketing successfully thanks to 1C:Retail software

Not only a software that can meet all the requirements of enterprises, 1C:Retail also optimizes and supports Marketing strategies, improve the revenue increase.

Not only a software that can meet all the requirements of enterprises, 1C:Retail also optimizes and supports Marketing strategies, improve the revenue increase.

In business sector, supermarket chain Vinmart and convenient store Vinmart+, luxury fashion Ivy Moda, or motorbike brand Honda – are the familiar brands of domestic market. They are 3 of the various enterprises that are developing system through many small to large locations. Their lessons teach us that if you want to succeed in business, you don’t need only qualified products, but also a brilliant strategy combines with a software support, to get the good roadmap for both retail, trade, wholesales as well.

In Vietnam, the booming of information technology leads the birth of plenty of retail management softwares, make the enterprises’ decision seems difficult. The advice is, focus on the most important functions of the software that can meet your business’ requirements.

The best choice is a software which can provide and support Marketing activities as much as possible, so on can help the business to catch the right “fish” and optimize all expenses; just like what 1C:Retail is doing for our customers.

1C:Retail – Manage all customer database: Draw customers’ detail portrait

“Customers are Gods”, beside standard product provision, enterprises should take suitable steps to turn both new and old customers into loyal.

Through member cards or club cards, community cards, the potential customers can be attracted, analyzed and divided segments by the software system.

Using review questions in the customer information database will help enterprises create the most suitable target audience, give them the special promotions to increase more interests.

So on, enterprises can implement the purchase journey upon the promotions.

Reports will support Marketing department in creation of concentrated products for each store, vendor, and helps Purchasing department control the stock and goods traffic.

After bringing a lot of reports which allows the comparison between stock, purchase, transactions, buyers; Marketing team can have a strategic view to increase business revenue.

1C:Retail – Manage product catalog: The contribution to boost Marketing campaigns by regions

Regional catalog includes:

Store catalog: classified by geographic location, selling area (related to width, length and depth for product display).

Product catalog: stores with different geography will have different traffic, purchase, focus.

Product brand: through a process of communication, advertisement, there will be some product brands get the good emotion from customers than the others.

From the three above subjects, Marketers can prepare exact reports about product catalog, good product brands, traffic at each store in the system and may decide to remove some products with least purchase.

1C:Retail – Manage Marketing campaigns: Boost the conversion from common customers into loyal members.

One of the most popular Marketing programs that has been used by 99 percent of business; is the discount for retail customers. Based on the conditions has been researched and approved by both Marketers and Purchasing staffs, the system will notify suitably and alert about the adapted customers.

Conditions and terms can include: Member card type, Purchase time, Purchase habit, Discount on birthday…

The discount can be based on total invoice, or specific amount, or free gifts for particular target customers.

Besides, the software will provide the detail retail revenue, which is summarized by hour, by days, by stock amount; so on can help to manage the stock much easier.

Recognized by thousand clients, 1C:Retail is one of the few solutions that can support Marketing well. By analyzing different purchase touch-points, enterprises can classify the different target customers; which is the most important contribution to create Marketing plan and boost the revenue.