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What is deliverable? Summary of information about Deliverable from A to Z

What is deliverable ? This is an issue of concern to many project management personnel. In the article below, 1C Vietnam will help businesses better understand the concept, importance as well as popular types of Deliverables to be able to optimize deliverables during the working process. Find out now!

1. What is Deliverable?

Deliverable is the deliverable product in the project, the results that the project creates. Deliverable can be the service, goods or results that the project team provides to stakeholders such as end users, customers and partners. The deliverables group includes tangible products such as software, infrastructure, buildings or intangible products such as training materials, plans and reports.

Deliverable is the goal, the main component in projects. Deliverables are often used to measure progress toward completion and the results a project provides to stakeholders. In addition, educational products also help managers understand progress as well as ensure the project is meeting the set goals.

What is deliverable?
Deliverable is the deliverable product in the project, the results that the project creates

2. The importance of Deliverable in project management

Based on the definition of what Deliverable is , businesses can partly grasp the importance of this factor in managing and implementing projects. Specifically, deliverables have the following roles:

2.1 Monitor project progress

Deliverables help administrators track project progress specifically and clearly. When there are important milestones and specific intermediate products, businesses will be able to measure actual progress compared to the beginning. This helps managers understand whether the project is on track or needs to make necessary adjustments.

What is deliverable?
Deliverables help administrators track project progress specifically and clearly

2.2 Ensuring quality standards

Deliverable is also the standard for businesses to measure the quality of completed work. By making comparisons with established requirements, managers can determine whether the product meets quality requirements. This helps ensure the project does not have quality issues.

What is deliverable?
Deliverable is also the standard for businesses to measure the quality of completed work

2.3 Increase the effectiveness of communication

Deliverables are also a tool to communicate specific and clear information to stakeholders. Based on information about the goals the project needs to achieve, meetings also become easier. Participants can present specifically their work progress, results as well as difficulties encountered to find solutions together.

What is deliverable?
Deliverables are also a tool to communicate specific information to stakeholders

2.4 Evaluate the success of the project

Businesses can also use Deliverable as a basis for evaluating project success. Based on what the project has produced and delivered, administrators can compare with the original goals and evaluate the efficiency rate. This helps businesses find outstanding problems, strengths and weaknesses to learn from experience for future projects.

What is deliverable?
Deliverable is the basis for evaluating the success of the project

3. 5 popular types of Deliverable today

Depending on the specifics of each project and industry, Deliverables will be different. Below are the 5 most popular types of deliverables today.

3.1 Important milestones

Deliverables can be important points in the project process, related to achieving a specific goal or a certain piece of work. This milestone allows businesses to track progress, control implementation and make timely changes.

What is deliverable?
Deliverables can be important milestones in the project implementation process

3.2 Reporting

A report is a document synthesizing information about the results, strengths, weaknesses, budget and other important issues of the project. Reports help provide stakeholders with an overview of the project status and serve as a basis for subsequent decisions.

What is deliverable?
Reports are documents that summarize information about the results, strengths and weaknesses of the project

3.3 Products

Deliverables are the finished products, the final products that the project creates. Deliverables can be goods or services that can be provided to customers or end users, such as software, manufactured products, or specialized services.

What is deliverable?
Deliverable is the final product that the project creates

3.4 Plan

The project plan provides detailed information about the process, resources, work to be done and how to do it. This deliverable ensures smooth coordination for the entire team during the work process. Based on the plan, administrators can also determine important milestones and prepare the necessary resources for the operation process.

What is deliverable?
The project plan provides information about what needs to be done and how to do it

3.5 Training materials

Training documents are important Deliverables used to guide users on how to use the project's goods and services. Documentation includes user guides, problem-solving support documents, and project-related references.

What is deliverable?
Training material is an important Deliverable used to instruct users on how to use the goods

4. How to manage Deliverables well?

Besides understanding what Deliverable is , businesses need to manage deliverables well during project implementation. Below are some tips 1C Vietnam suggests.

  • Prioritize the deliverables:

A project can create many different Deliverables. Businesses need to determine which deliverables are most important. This helps ensure completion progress as well as manage resources in the most effective way.

  • Communicate with relevant parties:

For the project to run smoothly, the project manager needs to maintain a flow of information with stakeholders such as partners, customers, end users and project personnel to update the status of the project. project and progress to reach Deliverable. This helps ensure trust between parties and avoid unwanted errors.

  • Flexible:

When implementing a project in practice, businesses will have to face unexpected problems or unwanted changes compared to the original plan. Having a flexible strategy will help personnel adapt quickly and ensure deliverables are completed on schedule.

  • Technology application:

Enterprises should prioritize using professional progress and deliverable product management software, thereby optimizing performance and ensuring output product quality.

What is deliverable?
Businesses need to determine which deliverables are most important

5. Deliverable and some terms you need to know

In the field of project management, there are a number of other terms that are often mentioned such as Product Deliverable, Project Deliverables or Accepted Deliverable. What is the difference between these concepts? Follow along below!

What is deliverable?
Distinguish concepts related to deliverables

5.1 Distinguishing between Project Deliverables and Product Deliverables

Project Deliverables are project deliverables while Product Deliverables are product deliverables. These two concepts have a few differences as follows:

  • Project Deliverables are the result of any process during project implementation. Project deliverables can be anything and are the input to the next steps. This concept includes project plans, meeting minutes, reports, etc.
  • Product Deliverables are the output products of the project, the products delivered to relevant parties, including applications, hardware, software, contracts, and evaluation results.

5.2 Distinguishing between Accepted Deliverable and Verified Deliverable

The three concepts Accepted Deliverable, Verified Deliverable and Validated Deliverable are mentioned quite commonly. However, currently the concept of Validated Deliverables - verified deliverables is no longer used. Therefore, in the information below, 1C Vietnam will help your business distinguish between Accepted Deliverable and Verified Deliverable.

  • Accepted Deliverables: The output of the scope validation process, which is the product, result or capability created after completing the project as determined by the customer and sponsor.
  • Verified Deliverables - Confirmed deliverables: Completed products of the project, identified and checked for accurate information through the Quality Assurance process.

6. 1C:Document Management software supports effective management of deliverables

1C:Document Management is proud to be a software with many outstanding features, among which the outstanding feature is the optimization of the Deliverables management process for businesses. Developed based on modern technology, the software focuses on digitizing electronic documents and automating work processes.

1C:Document Management helps businesses manage deliverables effectively, specifically:

  • Document management: Easily search and manage text Deliverables, typically reports, digital products,...
  • Process management: Optimize the assignment process, approval process for proposals, submissions,... related to deliverables.
  • Project management: Closely monitor each specific project (finance, time, human resources,...), contributing to completing Deliverables as expected.
  • Digital office management and mobile applications: Allows businesses to manage Deliverables as well as projects conveniently, anytime, anywhere.
What is deliverable?
1C: Document Management software stands out with its deliverables and project management features

Hopefully through the above article, your business can answer the question of what Deliverable is as well as grasp the necessary knowledge surrounding project deliverables. To manage deliverables well, businesses can refer to 1C:Document Management software to help strictly and professionally manage Deliverables in particular and manage projects in general. Software is a powerful tool that helps businesses reduce operating costs, eliminate redundant work in the work process, save time and management human resources, thereby minimizing potential risks and bringing benefits to businesses. success for the project implementation. Contact 1C Vietnam now to experience this smart software!

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