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Phạm Thúy Hằng§

Docflow & Workflow Day 2019 and the story about the Revolution 4.0 solutions for documents and work management of Vietnamese enterprises

In the fact of fast raising number of new businesses, combined with the impact from Industry Revolution 4.0, enterprises get the motivations for technical and application of successful software solutions.

Leading the process of Vietnamization and implementation the best products in domestic market, 1C Vietnam recognizes that plenty of enterprises are lack of automation, workload control and archive storage. What are their difficulties, troubles, or even wastes? How to optimize the way they are running business, digitalize and arrange documents scientifically and economically? All of the queries were responded in the seminar

“Docflow & Workflow Day 2019 – Making more competitive company by software solutions”, held on April 5th, 2019 at 5-star Melia Hotel Hanoi with representation of representatives from 200 business in multiple aspects.

Digital Government affects the application of technical solutions on documents and work management.

“80 to 90 percent of working process in State-owned organizations and enterprises are represented through documents”, said by Associate Professor Vu Thi Phung – Vice President of National Archives of Vietnam. Managing documents became a certain way to increase efficiency of the business.

“In the present, Vietnam is focusing on initiate decisions and strict regulations to implement the progress of a Digital Government. For several days, State has released hundreds of important actions, not only informed generally but also particularly, such as the Opening ceremony of the National Documentation Connection” – she referred.

The strong transformation of State-owned organizations is one of the most stable premises for the innovation of enterprises all around the country. However, there are some boundaries of the digital implementation process, for example, ISO standard is just a paper without a business process, or the official effect of the digital documents was not applied correctly.

The “absence” of BPM while applying ECM solutions

Since 2003, Vietnamese people have started talking about BPM and ECM like a new trend for business models. However, the application of BPM in the process management software is just an uncompleted idea.

“BPM is the most effective support tool in the process of ECM’s creation and deployment”,said by Mr. Bezborodov Alexander Evgenievich – Product Owner of Global e-Docflow system, 1С.

On the other hand, BPM can be applied to enterprises or organizations that already have the management method through processes, especially with ISO 9001.

Can ECM still work effectively without BPM? The argument about the concrete process in ECM is still occurring, along with the fact that there are many enterprises are seeking for a software can possibly support the automation, record and analytics business processes.

Process automation and work management – strategic movement in the trendy business development

Regarding the newest report of United Nation about Digital Government Indicator 2018, Vietnam was highly ranked as a country has good online platforms. Vietnamese digitalization aspect is evaluated as a potential and attractive object with foreign investors.

1C:Document Management – Vietnamized by 1C Vietnam – was the most impressive solution in the seminar, which engaged all the audience by its super functions and processes, possibly can be customized in variety upon clients’ demands.

The software is not only the strength of information management, but also the whole process for enterprises to create, follow, and especially evaluate the workload and resources.

On the other hand, representatives from multiple business aspects like Audit, Law, Construction, IT…shared their overview and experience while using the solution 1C:Document Management at the seminar.

“In comparison with other domestic software, Russian technology generally and 1C:Document Management particularly, shows us a lot of modern and high-tech efficiency, customization and good support” – referred by Mr. Do Manh Cuong – Vice President of AASC Auditing Firm.

“At the first time we met 1C in 2015, we still did not know our exact demand and our direction on building a software. Starting point was just a problematic idea. In that situation, all of the best technicians from 1C Vietnam co-operated to bring that dreamy idea come true, built a wonderful Lawyer Database Management Software with full of necessary functions. Before that, we think that the language between developers and users could not meet each other. Developers often directed users into a ready system or model, instead of trying to customize it following customer’s request. However, 1C Vietnam did try to understand us, and analyze what we needed, what we could build, what we could get”, said by Dr. Nguyen Danh Chau – VBF Law Federation.

Actually, ECM is not a new story for Vietnamese enterprises, however the importance of its deployment in business and State-owned organizations is still a difficult matter. Evaluated as a “basic and important starter” in the progress of documentation and workload digitalization, Docflow & Workflow Day 2019 contributed to bring the detail and particular view for audience in the era of building and implementing business process.

Technical solutions and documents management can be called as a friend of enterprises, help to solve all the difficulties and optimize the business operation.