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10 convenient and simple Excel file templates for sales management in 2024

Sales management Excel files are effective tools to help administrators understand the business situation of the enterprise. However, not all businesses know how to create scientific and accurate files. Please join 1C Vietnam to refer to the templates and processes for creating sales management Excel files in the article below.

1. Benefits of sales management file templates using Excel

Currently, there are many tools on the market to support businesses in sales management, but Excel is still the most popular software. Below are the reasons why employees prioritize sales management files using Excel.

1.1 There are no fees

One of the reasons why sales management Excel files have become popular is because businesses do not need to pay a fee to use this software. Excel can be downloaded on any computer, laptop, or even smartphone device very easily.

Free sales management Excel files ensure full implementation of necessary operations during work performance. This tool is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that are not ready to spend money on purchasing professional management software.

sales management excel file
Excel is free to download on any device

1.2 Full detailed statistics

Compared to the time-consuming traditional bookkeeping method, sales management Excel files can record information meticulously and systematically. With Excel and other forms of online statistical spreadsheets, businesses can look up, edit, and update information more easily and promptly.

sales management excel file
Excel files record information meticulously and systematically

Besides, the Excel table that supports sales management is also easily adjusted to suit the needs of the business. For example, employees can change information such as quantity, product name, inventory, starting price, selling price, etc. in real time for convenience during use.

1.3 Calculation using functions ensures accuracy

Excel sales management table helps administrators control and compile product information easily. With available functions, the sales support Excel file template allows summarizing and calculating the quantity of goods directly in the file. Compared to manual calculations using books, Excel produces more accurate and faster results. Businesses can also use automatic functions to save time and effort in management.

sales management excel file
Excel files allow users to collect and calculate data directly in the file

1.4 Assign access and editing rights

Sales management Excel files also provide the ability to decentralize access and edit data. This allows managers to define access rights to each file/category, helping to protect files and assign spreadsheet access to each individual.

sales management excel file
The decentralization feature helps managers control data access rights for each individual

2. Collection of free sales management Excel file templates

To save time for your business, 1C Vietnam has compiled the latest updated Excel templates to support sales management. Businesses can absolutely download the sales management Excel file and edit it to suit their needs.

1 - Excel file for debt management

Excel files manage debts arising during the process of the seller providing services or products to customers but not receiving payment immediately. This amount will be recorded in the list of receivables. To control these items well, businesses should use an Excel template for sales management to summarize detailed debt.

sales management excel file
Debts are amounts that need to be collected from customers when making sales

Download here: Debt management Excel file

2 - Excel file manages product information

One of the reasons businesses should use Excel files to manage sales is to help control detailed product information. Excel supports businesses in storing all information such as product type, product name, quantity, warehouse import and export date, price, product SKU, expiration date,... scientifically and accurately. .

sales management excel file
Excel files help manage detailed product information

Download here: Product management Excel file

3 - Excel file for revenue management

In business, the indicator that managers pay a lot of attention to is definitely revenue. With the growing trend of multi-channel sales, businesses need a sales management Excel file to collect statistics on incurred costs, revenue sources, etc. to help track sales activities as well as calculate profits. effective.

sales management excel file
Excel file statistics incurred costs and tracks sales activities

Download here: Revenue management Excel file

4 - Excel file for import and export management

Warehouse management Excel file helps plan import and export of goods. The file should contain information such as quantity, unit price, unit of measurement, transaction documents, goods description, product code, import time, etc. This information will help managers easily. Understand the business situation of the enterprise.

sales management excel file
Inventory management is an important activity in controlling the business situation

Download here: Excel file for import and export management

5 - Excel file manages customer information

Customer information can be considered an important asset of the company. Good management of this data source can help businesses increase relationships with customers, better meet needs and bring long-term benefits to the business. This is an extremely important factor to retain customers and increase the competitiveness of the brand.

sales management excel file
Customer information can be considered an important asset of the company

Download here: Excel file for customer information management

6 - Excel file for online order management

Order management is an important task that needs to be performed meticulously and accurately to avoid confusion and information loss, affecting revenue as well as the reputation of the business in the eyes of customers. Therefore, businesses need a detailed order management file to control information of online orders.

sales management excel file
Order management is an important task that needs to be performed meticulously and accurately

Download here: Online order management Excel file

3. Some Excel functions support how to create sales management files

To use Excel files to manage sales effectively, managers need to understand basic functions in Excel. Thereby helping businesses save maximum computing time and process data in the most effective way.


Detailed formula




Calculate the total data of 2 or more cells



Create a conditional aggregate function



Calculate total value of goods



Merge the contents of data cells A2, B2, C2



Calculate the average of the data for cells A2 to A10



Count numbers from data cells C1 to C20



Count numbers from data cells B1 to B23 with condition

4. Limitations when using Excel files for warehouse and sales management

It can be seen that sales management Excel files have many benefits for businesses. However, Excel still has some of the following limitations:

  • Inability to connect with other applications, resulting in data not being unified on one platform.
  • Low security makes it easy for data loss to occur.
  • Takes a lot of time to create files, manage and use.
  • Difficult to control from the vehicle and easy to lose revenue
  • Difficult to use when not using functions and formulas.
  • Do not update data automatically, data loss can easily occur if files are lost.
sales management excel file
Excel's security is low, so data loss can easily occur

5. 1C:Company Management software supports effective sales management

With today's large data source, businesses can refer to professional sales management support solutions to overcome the limitations of Excel. 1C:Company Management is an open solution with the ability to automate business administration in many different models. The features of 1C:Company Management software can be easily customized to meet user needs. Below are some outstanding features of 1C:Company Management compared to sales management Excel files:

  • Allows detailed sales planning.
  • Set prices for each customer group.
  • Create orders quickly with multiple order statuses: Open/In Progress/Closed.
  • Control progress according to each order/customer order and receivables.
  • Set up payment schedules and automatic deliveries.
  • Create sales reports.
sales management excel file
1C:Company Management is an open solution with the ability to automate sales management in many different models.

Hopefully through the above article, administrators have grasped how to use Excel files to effectively manage sales . To manage large and professional data sources, businesses can refer to the 1C:Company Management solution to support professional sales management. If you have any questions, please contact 1C Vietnam for answers.

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