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What is HRIS human resource information system? Functions and implementation notes

In an era of fierce market competition and the development of the 4.0 economy, businesses require investment in a strong enough human resource. To do that, managers first need to clearly understand human potential through the human resource information system (HRIS). So what is HRIS and what role does this system play in human resource management at businesses? Let's find out with 1C Vietnam through the article below.

1. What is a human resources information system (HRIS)?

Human resource information system , also known as HRIS (Human resource information system), is software that supports the organization and management of detailed information and data of employees along with policies and procedures related to the staff. in business.

Human resource management information systems help administrators exploit and use resources to effectively serve the business's operations.

human resource information system
Human resource information system is software that supports the organization and management of detailed human resource information

2. Main functions in human resource management software

When applying a human resources information system, businesses can achieve many benefits in human resource management. Some specific functions of the HRIS system include:

  • Search and select candidates suitable to the requirements and goals of the business.
  • Conduct analysis and evaluation of each candidate and employee in a smart, systematic and planned manner.
  • Implement management and organization of human resource rotation when the need arises.
  • Manage employee benefits and remuneration in a more reasonable and organized manner.
  • Provide reports and alerts to management as requested by superiors.
  • Develop short, medium and long-term plans for human resources problems in the enterprise
  • Train and develop staff effectively and continuously.
What is hris?
HRIS supports searching and selecting candidates that match the goals and requirements of the business

3. Benefits of managing human resource information using the system

3.1. Build and evaluate human resource potential easily

People are the core factor that determines the competitiveness and development of a business in its long-term strategy. Human resource information systems help find, attract and develop human resources easier and more effective. In addition, building a human resource management information system also supports resource coordination, resource allocation, and plan development and implementation.

What is hris?
Human resource information system helps find and develop human resources effectively

The HRIS system also ensures the quality and quantity needs of human resources. With the above benefits, this system is widely used in goods and service production activities with the task of creating competitive advantages for businesses.

3.2. Manage personnel records and store employee information

Management information systems designed specifically for human resource management in a business. This software allows managers to easily control, edit information and manage multiple employees simultaneously on the same system. From there, the process will become simpler whether creating a profile or changing or updating personnel information, minimizing possible errors.

What is hris?
Management information system allows controlling and managing information of multiple personnel on the same system

3.3. Collect information easily and effectively

Human resource information systems support administrators in accessing human resource information more easily and quickly. Accessing or converting information files on the system is also arranged by title to conveniently look up, search and move document files.

What is hris?
The human resources information system allows searching and looking up information by title

3.4. Simple HR performance reporting and analysis

The human resources information system also has reporting and analysis support features that help managers create reasonable recruitment data, providing in-depth information for strategic decisions.

3.5. Manage two-way information between management and employees

The HRIS management information system is considered a bridge between the management board and all personnel, by allowing the two-way transmission and reception of information between both parties. Thanks to that, the board of directors can receive all comments or complaints from employees, helping to improve the quality of management. At the same time, human resources can also proactively monitor information on the system such as employee records, timesheets, salary slips, etc.

Build a human resource management information system
The human resources information system allows two-way transmission and reception of information between departments in the company

4. Notes when choosing and implementing HRIS in an enterprise

4.1. Ensure confidentiality and information security

Human resource information systems can store a lot of important personal information of employees, so security is needed to avoid data leaks. At the same time, businesses need to comply with legal regulations in issues related to the collection, storage and use of personal data.

4.2. Suitable for specific business requirements

The HRIS system needs to be integrated with other systems in the business such as: Customer relationship management system (CRM), accounting system,... to ensure operational efficiency.

4.3. Acceptance from staff

There are some cases where personnel may feel nervous or uncomfortable when using a new system. Therefore, businesses need to have a strategy to control and manage this change to ensure employees accept and use the new system.

"Building a human resources management information system"
Businesses need to have a strategy to control and manage changes to ensure employees accept and use the new system

Above is all the information about human resource information systems that businesses can refer to. Hopefully, the above article of 1C Vietnam has provided businesses with useful knowledge about human resource management systems and the benefits of using this software. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us via hotline for free consultation immediately.

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