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Update the latest 7 resignation letter samples for employees in 2024

Finding a suitable resignation letter form is an issue that many employees are concerned about when terminating their employment at a certain company. In this article, 1C Vietnam will provide 7 latest leave application forms for 2024, as well as instructions on how to apply for leave legally to protect the rights of employees.

1. When should I quit my job?

Quitting your job is an important decision that needs to be considered carefully. There are many reasons to quit your job after a period of consideration. Here are some signs that make workers quit their jobs:

  • Unsuitable working environment: If the working environment feels unsuitable for personal orientation and goals, employees should consider looking for a new, more suitable environment.
  • Limited growth: When there are no longer opportunities to learn and grow at the current company, quitting to look for new opportunities may be a good choice for employees.
  • Work-life balance: If work pressure affects health and quality of life, workers should consider quitting their job.
  • Desire for new challenges: When there is no longer excitement and challenge in their current job, workers should find a new environment to develop and pursue their passion.
  • Potential in other fields: If you realize that there is another field that matches your strengths and has more development potential, you can also consider quitting your job.
resignation letter sample
Employees can quit their job when the job is too stressful

2. Some of the latest detailed resignation letter samples available today

Currently, the word version of the resignation letter form is commonly used because of its convenience and scientific presentation. Below are some of the most standard resignation letter samples compiled by 1C Vietnam, employees can refer to and download for use.

2.1. Download a simple resignation letter form

This leave application includes basic information such as the employee's name, position, reason for leaving, etc. Simple information fields are enough to clearly state to the company's board of directors the decision. intend to quit.

Download the simple resignation letter form here .

resignation letter sample
Simple resignation letter form

2.2. Sample resignation letter due to change of residence

This form is suitable for cases of resignation due to moving house or relocating to a new place that is not convenient for continuing work at the company. Similar to the leave application form above, employees need to show content such as: Personal information, position, reason, handover commitment and thanks.

Immediately download the application form for resignation due to change of residence here .

resignation letter sample
Letter of resignation due to change of residence

2.3. File a resignation letter because you want a better job opportunity

This resignation letter form is used when you need to quit your job to look for a new job with better salary and development opportunities. The resignation letter needs to show appreciation for the company and commitment to completing the job well in the remaining time.

Immediately download the resignation letter because you want a better job opportunity here .

resignation letter sample
Application for resignation because you need a better job opportunity

2.4. Sample resignation letter due to change in career goals

This is a suitable resignation letter form for those who leave because they want to pursue a new direction in their career. The content of the resignation application includes personal information, position, reason for leaving, last working day and thanks to the company.

Immediately download the resignation letter due to change in career goals here .

resignation letter
Sample leave application due to change in work goals

2.5. Sample application for leave from work because you want to go to school and improve your qualifications

This form is used for employees who want to quit their job to attend training programs and improve their professional qualifications. Basic information that needs to be shown in the resignation application includes: Reason, time off, commitment to hand over work and thanks.

Immediately download the application form for quitting work because you want to study and improve your qualifications here .

resignation letter sample
I quit my job because I wanted to improve my qualifications

2.6. Download a resignation letter from the company because you want to retire

This is a sample resignation letter for those who quit their job due to being eligible for retirement benefits according to the provisions of law. The file requires information about working time, age,...

Immediately download the application form to resign from the company because you want to retire here .

resignation letter from the company
Sample resignation letter due to retirement

2.7. Sample resignation letter due to health reasons

This form is used by employees who cannot continue to work due to poor health and inability to hold a job. The company's resignation application will then include information such as: Health reasons, time off, handover commitment...

Immediately download the resignation form due to health reasons here .

resignation letter sample
Application for leave due to health reasons

3. How to legally quit your job and protect your rights

Resigning from work needs to be done in accordance with the law to protect the rights of employees. Below are detailed steps to resign legally and effectively:

3.1. Notice of resignation to manager

The first step in the resignation process is to notify your direct manager of your intentions. The advance notice period will range from 14 to 45 days, depending on the company's regulations and the labor contract signed when accepting the job.

Employees can choose to talk directly with their superiors to explain the reason and discuss appropriate leave time. However, experience recommends making a written confirmation to record the agreement of both parties on this information. This will help prevent legal problems that may arise later.

Employees need to communicate directly with their superiors to explain the reason for leaving

3.2. Write a resignation letter

After announcing their intention to quit their job to their immediate superior, the employee needs to complete the procedure by writing an official resignation letter. This is an important and indispensable step in the resignation process, demonstrating professionalism and respect for the company.

Writing a short and concise resignation letter is quite simple. Employees can choose to handwrite or download a resignation letter form as a Word file from reputable sources such as 1C Vietnam.

resignation letter sample
Employees need to write an official resignation letter

3.3. Wait for approval of resignation application and contract payment

After submitting the resignation letter, the employee will wait for approval from superiors and relevant departments. During this time, employees continue to perform their jobs professionally and effectively.

When the resignation application is approved, the employee will hand over the job to the Human Resources department or another member and complete contract liquidation procedures. At this time, employees will receive salaries, bonuses, and other payments according to company regulations.

Download the resignation application form
After submitting the application, employees will wait for approval from superiors and relevant departments

3.4. Hand over work and assets

When deciding to quit your job, handing over work and assets is an important step to take. This is not only the employee's responsibility to the company but also brings benefits to the employees themselves in the future.

First, handing over work helps ensure continuity in the company's operations. When an employee leaves, the company needs a replacement to continue work smoothly. Handing over complete information and instructions will help the successor quickly grasp the work and minimize disruption.

Second, handing over assets helps employees avoid legal troubles after leaving their job. Creating a clear asset handover record will help employees clarify responsibilities and avoid future asset disputes.

resignation letter sample
Employees need to fully hand over work and assets before leaving

4. Things to keep in mind when writing a resignation letter from the company

A resignation letter is an important administrative document that needs to be presented carefully and professionally. Here are some important notes when writing a resignation letter:

  • Language and style: Use polite, formal language, suitable for administrative documents. The content is short, concise, straight to the point, avoiding rambling and wordiness.
  • Reason for leaving: The reason should be professional and convincing, avoid mentioning personal conflicts or disagreements within the company. Examples of legitimate reasons for leaving work: family moving, participating in professional improvement training courses,...
  • Thank you and wishes: Express sincere gratitude to the company and colleagues. Sending wishes for the company's sustainable development in the future.
  • Commitment to responsibility: Commit to continuing to complete assigned work well while waiting for approval, handing over detailed and complete work to the person in charge later.
  • Refer to the labor contract: Read the labor contract carefully to clearly understand the notice period before quitting, regulations on job handover, severance regime,...
  • Present your resignation letter: Use an easy-to-read font and font size, print clearly, do not erase, fully sign and stamp (if any).
  • Submit your resignation letter: Submit your resignation letter directly to the human resources department or direct manager, and can send it via email or fax if necessary.
How to write a leave application
The reason for leaving should be professional and highly convincing

5. Some questions when deciding to resign in detail

5.1. Is it mandatory to write a resignation letter?

The answer is no. The 2019 Labor Code (Article 35) allows employees to unilaterally terminate labor contracts before maturity. In some specific cases, employees can quit immediately without notice, for example:

  • Not being assigned work or working location according to the contract.
  • Not being paid in full or not being paid on time.
  • Being mistreated or sexually harassed by an employer in the workplace.

For other reasons, employees need to notify the company in advance before quitting their job. Current law does not specifically stipulate the form of notice, so employees can notify the employer verbally, in writing, or by email.

resignation letter sample
It is not required to write a resignation letter in certain cases

5.2. Can I close my social insurance book if I quit work without writing a resignation letter?

Point a, Clause 3, Article 48 of the 2019 Labor Code clearly stipulates the employer's responsibilities when terminating a labor contract:

“3. Employers have the following responsibilities:

a) Complete the procedure to confirm the time of payment of social insurance and unemployment insurance and return it along with the original documents if the employer has kept the employee;”

This means:

When the labor contract terminates, the employer is required to carry out procedures to close the social insurance book for the employee, regardless of whether the termination of the labor contract is legal or not. Therefore, even if they do not write a resignation letter, the employee will still have the social insurance book closed and the unemployment insurance payment period confirmed.

How to write a resignation letter
Taking leave from work without writing an application can still close the social insurance book

5.3. Do I need to write a letter to quit my job during the probationary period?

The probationary period is a period that helps both employees and businesses evaluate the suitability of the job. In case the job does not meet expectations, the employee has the right to quit.

Article 27 of the 2019 Labor Code stipulates:

"2. During the probationary period, each party has the right to cancel the probationary contract or labor contract without prior notice and without compensation.

Therefore, writing a resignation letter during the probationary period is completely optional. However, because this is an act of respect for the company, employees should inform their direct manager of their decision. This notification also helps the company arrange suitable personnel.

resignation letter sample
Writing a resignation letter during the probationary period is completely optional

5.4. I wrote a resignation letter but the company did not approve it, what should I do?

Article 35 of the Labor Code clearly stipulates: employees have the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract ahead of time without the company's consent. However, it should be noted:

  • Implement notice procedures: Depending on the type of labor contract, you have a specific notice period (for example, 30 days for an indefinite-term labor contract).
  • Reasons for not needing prior notice: In some special cases, the law allows you to quit your job immediately without prior notice (for example, if the company seriously violates its obligations).

If the company has complied with regulations but still keeps documents and social insurance books or causes difficulties, the employee can:

  • Report violations of the company: Contact the Chief Inspector of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs where the company is headquartered according to Decree 24/2018/ND-CP.
  • Collect evidence: Keep your resignation letter, emails, text messages, or any evidence that you followed the correct process.
  • Seek legal assistance: Contact a lawyer or trade union for advice and protection of rights.
Instructions for writing a resignation letter
Employees can seek legal assistance when their resignation request is not approved by the company

Above are the 7 resignation letter samples introduced in this article, which are the newest and suitable for many different situations. Hopefully this article from 1C Vietnam has provided useful information for readers to help choose the appropriate application form and complete the resignation procedure smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact 1C Vietnam immediately for detailed advice.

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