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Digital Office Market in Vietnam - The numbers speak

For businesses in the 4.0 era, digital office solutions are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. Let's consider with 1C Vietnam the opportunities and challenges when businesses apply digital office in today's market economy.

For businesses in the 4.0 era, digital office solutions are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. In this review, let's take a look at 1C Vietnam's opportunities and challenges when businesses apply digital office in today's market economy.

What is office number?

A digital office (aka "Digital Office") is more than just the use of computers, smartphones and the internet. The digital office also includes the use of modern digital technologies, applications and software to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the working environment.

Digital office includes the following elements:

  • Task and project management tools: These tools help track work progress, projects, assign tasks, and manage resources effectively.
  • Digital document storage and management system: Helps to store, search and share documents easily and efficiently.
  • Online communication and collaboration tools: Such as video calls, group chats, and online meeting software that enhance communication and enhance collaboration, especially in remote working environments.
  • Data protection and security tools: Help protect business information and data from digital vulnerabilities.

Digital Office Market in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the market for digital office platforms is mainly occupied by small-scale vendors, with the participation of a few large players in the industry. This trend is mainly driven by the need to increase efficiency, productivity and optimize operations.

However, the Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association (VINASA) said that up to 40% of Vietnamese enterprises have expressed their desire to apply a dedicated business technology platform. These businesses recognize that such a platform would be a powerful driver of both economic growth and progress.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), the information and communication technology (ICT) industry generated about $148 billion in revenue by 2022. This figure reflects growth of 8.7 percent. compared to 2021. Notably, the software and information technology services market in Vietnam reached $1.9 billion (equivalent to VND 46,500 billion) in revenue in the same year.

Considering the speed and requirements of the digital transformation process in Vietnam, Fitch Solutions has predicted that the country's IT market, including hardware devices and software solutions, will reach about VND 208 trillion in 2022 (equivalent to 8.8 billion USD) and 370 trillion VND (15 billion USD) in 2026. This forecast shows a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 percent. These numbers highlight the huge potential and favorable prospects in Vietnam's IT industry.

With the general development of the market and the whole society, experts predict that the application of the Digital Office in corporate governance has gradually become an inevitable strategic trend that every business should consider. Remember if you want to continuously improve your competitive position and develop outstandingly compared to your competitors.

Challenges are posed

1. Businesses need support to be able to choose the right product for them

Vietnamese businesses often make mistakes when choosing software because of the lack of a clear digital transformation strategy. In order to be consulted and choose the right solution, business leaders need to increase digital awareness, prepare themselves and the team with a solid and methodical digital transformation knowledge base, and at the same time should find to reputable consulting and solution providers to increase competitive advantage.

2. Digital transformation budget – a difficult problem

Only 40% of enterprises have a sufficient budget for digital transformation; 43.3% tried to "pull" but it was not enough and 20% did not have enough financial capacity for digital transformation. Small and medium enterprises face budget shortages, affecting their competitiveness and creating opportunities in the digital age.

3. Data security can be a hot spot

In today's fast digital transformation of the business world, the fear of data security becomes a heavy burden for business leaders. Businesses are constantly faced with pressure to protect critical customer information, commercial transactions and business strategies from the onslaught of sophisticated threats from the digital world. This concern not only affects the reputation of the business, but can also have significant legal and financial consequences. To deal with this concern, leaders must ensure that the company's security systems and the technology solutions they use are unsurpassedly secure and are constantly being updated to protect against potential threats. increasingly sophisticated and complex threats in the digital world.

Office Solution No. 1C:Document Management helps management to operate comprehensively, turning challenges into opportunities

Responding to the trend of innovative management in the digital age, 1C:Document Management is a useful digital office solution that helps businesses manage digital documents in a centralized, systematic way, supporting businesses to standardize their automated processes. dynamic and build strong flexibility and adaptability as well as improve the digital capabilities of the internal team.

Reasonable cost - Outstanding value

1C:Document Management is a solution for managing digital documents and supporting comprehensive process automation, which is the bridge to successful business goals. The solution allows personnel to search and access documents quickly through a search engine based on metadata and keywords. The software saves manual processing time so both leaders and employees can focus on more important business development tasks.

In the process of innovating and optimizing the enterprise structure, the synchronization and optimization of the workflow is extremely important. 1C:Document Management helps businesses automate workflows, minimize manual errors, improve productivity, and ensure smooth business operations. The software fully supports the operation of complex processes with complicated conditions, and allows businesses to customize easily without too much involvement of programmers.

In addition, 1C:Document Management also has the ability to smoothly integrate with other digital applications, creating a synchronous and cross-linked working environment, meeting the unique needs of each business.

Goodbye worries about information leakage

For businesses in the 4.0 era, data security is also a "headache". Removing concerns about enterprise security, 1C: Document Management provides the ability to decentralize detailed permissions to each individual, each specific department, allowing only authorized people to access and edit documents. In addition, the software is integrated with digital signatures that not only help leaders conveniently approve contracts from anywhere, but also help ensure the integrity of documents and the origin of information.

Top team of consultants

1C Vietnam provides dedicated customer service with a team of more than 100 highly qualified, professional, enthusiastic professionals whose enthusiasm is clearly reflected in every project and every interaction with customers. Not only possessing extensive professional knowledge, 1C Vietnam's experts are also capable of listening, understanding and enthusiastically responding to the unique needs of each business. 1C Vietnam is committed to providing customers with effective digital transformation solutions and constantly improving services.

1C:Document Management is a digital office solution that has been trusted by more than 5,000 corporate customers of 1C Vietnam, helping all businesses in diverse industries standardize processes, automate operations and improve capabilities. flexible adaptation. Contact 1C Vietnam today to experience the power of Office No. 1C:Document Management and go further on the road to business success together!