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The application of AI is one of the very useful technologies that has greatly assisted in business management and increased the accuracy of operations and analysis.

The outstanding development of technology in the digital era has brought to mankind innovations that change the face of many issues, especially for the development of businesses. The application of AI is one of the very useful technologies that has greatly assisted in business management and increased the accuracy of operations and analysis.

Let's take a look at 1C Vietnam's outstanding benefits from the application of AI in operations and management!

Maximize data review and extraction

Evaluating and extracting information and data, especially from business reports or customer reports in the traditional way, will take a lot of time. However, if businesses choose to apply AI in this process, the execution time will be optimized and the accuracy of the output data will be increased.

With this great benefit from the application of AI, businesses will significantly improve operational and business productivity by making accurate decisions based on verified data in a quick time. In addition, the security factor in this optimization process is also highly appreciated to increase the safety of the data system.

Predict potential customers

AI is set up with advanced algorithms to screen, evaluate and capture target customers for businesses based on available data from purchasing habits, payment levels,... Like Therefore, by applying AI, managers can grasp the business situation of enterprises and make quick and accurate decisions to improve operational efficiency and business efficiency.

Improve the quality of customer service

In today's digital age, personalization in business is a matter of concern and research by many managers. According to a survey by Super Office, the results show that about 88% of consumers expect a response within 60 minutes after they contact a business for advice or purchase support,...

The application of AI has been very successful in automating the exchange between businesses and customers, supporting the handling of "low-level" communication steps to help businesses reduce the pressure on staff and customers. improve customer satisfaction. This is also a feature that helps businesses promote the shopping process of customers.

Predict equipment maintenance time

For efficient production, businesses are always faced with ensuring the smooth operation of machinery and equipment, which is why equipment maintenance is very important to improve the productivity of the business.

According to McKinsey, augmenting AI applications for predictive maintenance of industrial equipment can lead to a 10% reduction in annual maintenance costs, up to 20% reduction in downtime and 25% reduction in costs. test. When businesses use AI, sensors will help monitor the status of equipment, analyze data continuously, thereby making reasonable decisions about maintenance when needed instead of on schedule. as before.

Increase speed and accuracy of reporting

With the ability to analyze big data for prediction and evaluation, AI can also build and aggregate reports with high speed and accuracy. This gives managers peace of mind when all reports are analyzed thoroughly and easily updated quickly to make timely decisions.

Currently, the application of AI in enterprises is not too strange to keep up with modern technology trends in the world. However, businesses always need to prepare a solid resource to be able to adapt and innovate with the outstanding features of this advanced technology.

Starting with the application of digitization with business management software is also a way to help businesses receive attractive values. Consult now at 1C Vietnam!