AccountingSuite is an accounting solution base on 1C:Enterprise, has full of function to apply business accounting in all fields.

  • Online version available
  • Supported in English and Vietnamese
  • Multi-functions

Main functions

Inventory management
Purchasing and Sale management
Cash and Banking management
Payable and Receivable Management
Closing month
  • Simple and Effective
  • Using anywhere, anytime
  • Base on 1C:Enterprise
  • Designed suitably and flexibly following business requirments

Inventory Management

  • Automatic goods accounting
  • Supporting methods of inventory calculating: weighted average; FIFO

Purchasing and Sale Management

  • Receiving and Shipping Management
  • Trade and sale good discount
  • Receive returned goods and return goods for seller
  • Allow set up price formats such as the wholesale price, the retail price, the sale agent price

Payable and Receivable Management

  • Paid by Vietnam dong or currency
  • Automatic evaluation from exchange rate difference following current regulations

Cash and Banking Management

  • Automatic accounting for sellers, buyers, advance recipients
  • Record the amount of money in payment bills, currency purchasing and selling bill
  • Evaluate automatically the exchange rate difference

Closing Month

  • Depreciation
  • Prepaid expense distribution
  • Tool distribution
  • Cost price adjustment of goods
  • Income and outgoing deduction of value added tax
  • Exchange rate difference evaluation
  • Determine business results

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