1C:Company Management helps control and manage business processes in company, provides transparency for operations and shows new opportunities for growth and development.

  • Packing and Cloud
  • Vietnamese & English language

Main functions

Producing Management
Material Management and Purchasing
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Cost management and planning
Asset Management
Income and Expenses, Profits and Losses
HR Management and Payroll
Payable and receivable management
Financial Planning (Budgeting)
  • Improve efficiencies, manage complexity and grow your business
  • Powerful capabilities for business planning including Financial planning (budgeting); Sales planning; Income and Expenses, Profits and Losses; etc
  • One software replaces dozens of spreadsheets, documents and reports on your desktop and in your PC
  • Based on 1C:Enterprise platform which ensures: High flexibility, Adjustability, Scalability, Efficiency, Operation in thin client and web client modes

Producing Management

  • Producing Plans and analyzing process implementation
  • Estimate materials, producing expense and necessary process for producing
  • Distribute producing total expense for each product, calculating product price

Purchasing and Material Management

  • Support reciving materials from different chart: Buying, receiving deposit products, material manufacturing
  • Set up orders from suppliers, shipping schedules, tracking implementation progresses
  • Acknowledge buying goods expense: shipping, stevedore, warehouse

Sale Management

  • Saving customer databases, contracts, imformation contacts
  • Planing for sale and analyzing process implementation
  • Set up and Perform promotions

Customer relationship management

  • Managing communication histories (Phone calls, E-mails, meetings,…) with customers and potential customers
  • Ensure work as planned to increase serving quality and extending customer files


  • Tracking the movement of money in business bank accounts and cash funds
  • Analyze the fluctuation from revenues and kind of expenses

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