1C:DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT is an optimal solution for centralized management of all corporate unstructured information through synchronous resolution of large tasks, including automation of document management, assignment and signing, control and analysis of perform disciplines

  • Packing and Cloud
  • Vietnamese & English language

Main functions

Documents incoming – outgoing
Rotate Internal documents
Contract management
Work with files
Document numerators and Recordkeeping
Work assignment
Perform the work and Confirmation of offers, reports
Working time records
Automation of road conditions
Internal discussion
Asset and project management
Meetings and events
Premises reservation, car reservation
Absence management
Different types of reportst
Quick full-text search
  • Correspond to the current legal legislation of document management and to the current traditional management
  • Provide additional tools for coordination of works, for working with documents, for process management and project management
  • The technological 1C:ENTERPRISE platform can customize to different branches, is suitable for enterprises of different forms of business
  • Work in different environments, such as Windows, Linux, web browser, phone, gadgets

Incoming and outgoing document management

  • Team work with documents base on access rights
  • Automatically saving the exchanges of history contact with partners
  • Rotate electronic documents with partners and support to use digital signatures
  • Track and control transferring documents
  • Recording and registration documents according to numbering rule

Alternate internal documents

  • Recognize interal documents such as labor rules, company rules, regulations, decisions, contracts
  • Recognize links between documents, control performing documents
  • Add more and view all recommendations on document tags
  • Unify lots of documents to become a big document
  • Set up documents follow by certainly topics
  • Financial and internal documents management

Control time, discipline implementation

  • Display the list of “mission to do today” on user tables
  • Leaders can review and control the mission of their inferiors
  • Send announcements to performer through E-mail about new and overdue or coming missions
  • Record and control renewed missions
  • Automatic calculation to perform the work
  • Kind of reports and discipline implementation statistics
  • Automation sending reports through E-mail
  • Control and Analyze loops when repeated task lots of times

Quick Search

  • Searched by attributes
  • Full text search
  • Full text search and file content in popular formats

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