1C:Finance & Accounting

1C:Finance & Accounting is a software solution that strongly supports finance and accounting of all sizes and different types of enterprises, helps accountants to save time and avoid mistakes

  • On-Premise and Cloud
  • Vietnamese and English

Main functions

Cash Management
Sale & Receivable Liabilities
Purchasing & Payable Liabilities
Production Cost
Month Closing
  • The Vietnamized solution complies with Vietnamese accounting standards and base on enterprises requirements
  • High level of automation accounting with a full set of modules meeting the requirements for all fields such as trade, services, production, building
  • Flexible reporting system to help to develop the accounting system and financial analysts of enterprises
  • Accounting for many businesses in one database
  • Ability to integrate with other solutions such as 1C:Retail, 1C:Trade Management

Cash Management

  • Cash and bank deposit accounting: data entry on the basis of receipts, payments and bank vouchers
  • Automate accounting for sellers, buyers, recipients; recognition of money in invoices, purchases, sales in foreign currencies
  • Cash transactions are automatically divided into two types: payment and advance. On the basis of receipts and automatic payment vouchers to set up the cashbook

Sale & Receivable Liabilities

  • Flexible in ordering, invoicing, managing sales returns and accepting customers payments
  • Allow monitoring sales from quotation to final payment
  • Allow discounting, offering on orders, invoices
  • Allows tracking of orders status (number of goods not delivered, delivered, completed delivery) and transport process
  • Sales receipt and services are revised regularly; tracking of sales details according to many criteria like customers, items, warehouses, salesman
  • Allow users to create sales reports
  • General and detailed management of customer receivables
  • Allows managing of output VAT invoices (paper and electronic invoices)

Purchasing & Payable Liabilities

  • All steps in the purchase process are managed
  • Control all information about supplier, goods and materials; import and inventory
  • Create a purchase reports in various ways
  • Make a list of goods imported by suppliers
  • Tracking of liabilities by department and contract
  • Create Orders at departments
  • Purchase transactions are automated 2 types: Domestic Purchasing and Import Purchase (Import of goods)
  • Accountants can follow the purchase price history of each item according to each supplier. Based on the parameters, accountants will compare which suppliers have the best price policy

Production Cost

  • Cost of goods and services created by the main production or parts of the supplement are calculated automatically
  • During the month, finished products are calculated by the estimated production cost. At the end of the period, products will be accounting by the real cost
  • The list and quantity of materials can be calculated automatically based on the number of completed products and consumption standard

Month Closing

  • Depreciation
  • Prepaid expenses are recorded on the Balance Sheet
  • Allocating the instruments and tools
  • Cost of products
  • Adjust the cost of goods sold
  • Determine income business
  • Calculate enterprise income tax
  • In particular, there is no limit to the number of businesses that can be accounting

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