1C:Retail Chain

1C:Retail Chain — A solution for enterprise in chains form; supporting management; controlling the whole process in sales chain, retail store.

  • On-Premise and Cloud
  • Vietnamese and English

Main functions

Sales Management
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Marketing Management
Customizable Reporting Subsystem
Employee Management
  • Focused on retail processes; suitable for all types of business, from small stores to large supermarket chains
  • Flexible discount system and bonus system
  • Allow building diverse marketing programs
  • Flexible rules of retail pricing
  • Integrate with other solutions such as 1C:Trade Management, 1C:Finance & Accounting

Sales Management

  • Wholesale, Retail, and sales returns, in cases after closing the cashier session
  • Flexible payment by cash, bank card, gift vouchers, credit, reward points
  • Print tags, stickers, gift vouchers directly from the software
  • Prepare a report to close the cashier session
  • Cashiers front office with the support of a big variety of equipment
  • Sales accounting by each employee

Inventory and Warehouse Management

  • Receive goods and return to suppliers
  • Transfer goods between warehouses and selling points
  • Stocktaking and on that basis, create vouchers to record the shortage and increase excess of goods
  • Accounting of goods in many units
  • Prepare warehouse vouchers
  • Accounting of goods by barcode, serial, a batch of goods, characteristics and expiry date
  • Control certain goods at specific points of sale in Online mode
  • Manage the list of goods

Marketing Management

  • Set up various marketing programs: discounts, gifts
  • Manage promotions according to different criteria and set a promotional calendar
  • Customer information management; issue membership cards, upgrade cards; vouchers; promotions for loyal customers

Customizable Reporting Subsystem

  • Prepare reports with the data stored in the system
  • Data analysis for each point of sale and all retail chain
  • Customize report according to the specific needs of the business
  • Turnover analysis at commodity
  • Analyze the diversity of sales and the effectiveness of salesman
  • Analyze detailed sales to each bill and summarize statistics

Employee Management

  • Manage employees work in the store, including a record of working time (Timekeeping) to create final evaluation reports
  • Allow creating sales reports according to each salesman

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