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Field of activity: Pharmaceutical - Cosmetics

Digital transformation is creeping into every corner of life, economy, and society. Understanding the advantages of applying technology to management, Navita Vietnam Trading Company Limited confidently chooses to apply 1C:Company Management commercial enterprise management solution in management.

1. Company introduction

Established in 2019, Navita Vietnam Trading Company Limited is a young enterprise, specializing in importing and exclusively distributing products of the Navita brand from Hungary. With the vision "For a healthier world from nature", the company's products revolve around health protection, anti-aging and beauty from the root, extracted 100% from herbs using modern technology. modern, European standards.

During its operation, Navita Vietnam has achieved impressive results: "Golden product for public health 2019" award; "Top 10 Vietnamese gold brands" in 2020; “TOP 10 Typical Brands in Asia Pacific”. Currently, Navita Vietnam owns a distribution system with more than 90 points globally in England, Germany, Sweden, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh,...

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

Currently, Navita is actively expanding the business of functional consumer health care products. With an increasing number of agents and customers, the company is facing difficulties in data management.

For customer care department:

  • The company does not have a specialized customer care system
  • Difficulty recording detailed customer communications according to assessment criteria related to the customer's health.

For sales department:

  • Staff cannot immediately update which items are in stock and how much is in stock
  • It is difficult for sales staff to track the shipping department's delivery schedule.

For warehouse department:

  • One of the biggest difficulties of the warehouse department at Navita Vietnam is the inability to control inventory in real time.
  • The warehouse department takes a lot of time to synthesize import needs.

For human resources department:

  • The company's salary calculation process is still done manually on Excel files, causing the accounting department to spend a lot of time calculating monthly salaries.

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies Navita Vietnam in the digital transformation

After studying and receiving advice on process optimization from 1C Vietnam, Navita Vietnam's board of directors decided to implement the overall commercial enterprise management solution 1C:Company Management to save costs. for businesses, helping employees reduce manual tasks and improve work efficiency, which is a premise for future business expansion.


Through implementing the 1C:Company Management solution, Navita Vietnam Trading Company Limited was able to:

Purchase manager:

  • Help Navita Vietnam proactively plan to import goods, place orders with suppliers from Hungary based on: maximum inventory, minimum inventory,... updated in real time on the system
  • Set up purchase orders with multiple order statuses (Opened, In Process and Closed) with details on pickup plans and supplier payment schedules

Sales Manager:

  • The system helps Navita Vietnam control the delivery progress of each customer order, customer receivables in real time, specifically, sales staff can proactively see what stage the order is in to pay. words with customers. With management on 1C:Company Management, Navita Vietnam employees have saved a lot of communication time and been more proactive at work.

Customer relationship management:

  • 1C:Company Management stores all customer information on the same system. Employees can easily access, find information and assist customers when needed. Thanks to the software, Navita Vietnam can reduce confusion and missed orders for customers. When sales staff make reports, they can easily synthesize information, saving time and effort.
  • Automatically record the customer base and group customers for businesses, helping businesses always understand the health situation of customers, thereby ensuring the quality of communication between businesses and customers.

Warehouse management:

  • All import and export activities are updated on the system in real time. Thanks to the system, Navita Vietnam was able to reduce inventory discrepancies, always ensuring real-time inventory to provide full information to customers.
  • With the minimum inventory warning function, Navita is completely proactive in importing and maintaining goods at a safe level. With medicinal products and functional foods, the system will help businesses manage details down to each row and shelf, helping businesses control overdue and soon-to-be-due shipments easily.

Human resources and salary management:

  • The system automatically calculates administrative salaries, insurance, and personal income taxes for employees, helping Navita Vietnam eliminate Excel files from the business's salary calculation process.

With a very clear awareness and vision of Navita Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. is "Bringing the values of nature to protect health by combining herbs, creativity, advanced technology and responsibility." professional responsibility", digital transformation is a journey that needs to be implemented urgently to meet the health needs of users in the current epidemic context. Thanks to many years of experience in deploying management software for businesses, along with taking advantage of the superiority of the world-famous platform 1C:Enterprise, 1C Vietnam has gradually overcome initial difficulties. and bring Navita Vietnam closer to its goals and vision.

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