Types of production

  • Production by customer orders
  •  Production on forecasts, stock level, sales plan

Declaring BOM (Bill of materials) and production step

  • Declaring production step and BOM for each step, and replacing materials in BOM
  •  Each good can have many production steps and steps can be done consecutively or in parallel.
  •  User can copy BOM from other products or import from Excel file

Managing production plan and production order

  •  Creating production plan based on requirements
  • Creating production order with the information declared basing on specific management requirements such as quantity, order, machine, step, operating group, starting/ ending time, etc
  • Monitoring situation of performing production plan and production orders

Demand material calculation

  • Based on the registered B.O.M, data of inventory quantity and estimated in-stock quantity, users balance and calculate material requirements to satisfy production plan and production order or stipulated inventory limit.
  • Base on time of production , the software supports calculating estimated time of ordering so as to assure the materials for producing with the shortest stocking time.

Company's capacity management

  • Machine, asset, human resource, material are company’ resource
  • After declaring company resource, the software supports tracking working time of each resource so user can use resource effectively.
  • Tracking maintenance calendar 

Monitoring process and statistics of production

  • Creating note of receiving materials basing on production plan and production order
  • Performing production and updating quantity by each step (semi-finished item), finished item, production plan or production order
  • Controlling progress of performing

Cost accounting

  • Cost accounting is calculated based on materials, labor, ...
  • General costs will be allocated automatically according to the method selected (according to the material norms or the number of finished products in stock) at the end of the period.

Purchasing Management

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