Cash and cash in bank

  • Allow user to add foreign currencies
  • Allow user to create funds with multi bank accounts

Receivables and payable plan (receivables estimation; payable estimation)

  • Manage receivables and payable in each period to control financial mission
  • Payment schedule is established based on receivables and payable estimation or based on currency transfer plan. Receivables and payable estimation include customers’ orders and suppliers’ orders.

Receivables and payable

  • Allow to record, check, control and analyze suppliers’ and customers receivables and payable based on subjects, contract detail and orders
  • The system recognizes the period of liabilities which help enterprises to control new liabilities as well as manage the time of liabilities.

Tracking liabilities and calculate interests in each period

  •  Track credit contract, loans
  • Calculate interest in each period of each contract based on different methods such as fixed annuities, fixed loan payment, period interest, loan payment in the end of period, interest payment in the end of period…)
  • Employees Advance payment

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