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Thu Huong

1C Vietnam accompanies Austdoor in the digital transformation

Field of activity: Manufacturing

In recent years, digital transformation is not only a global development trend in the field of technology, but also has a huge impact on all diverse industries, especially in the context of Vietnam's active development. open international integration. Not to be slow with the market, Austdoor Group is also one of the pioneering Vietnamese enterprises in digital transformation, focusing on leveraging the power of technology to bring Vietnamese brands to world-class standards.

  1. A few words about Austdoor Group

Established in October 2003, with 10 years of experience in the domestic market, Austdoor Group has successfully built the Austdoor Rolling Door brand, specializing in providing soft, durable, beautiful and safe rolling doors to customers. consumers across Vietnam.

With an internal scale of more than 1,500 employees working in a system of 9 member companies and branches, along with more than 600 distributors and 2,000 points of sale nationwide, Austdoor is currently one of the leading Vietnamese businesses in the industry. Aluminum production industry, contributing to improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people, while bringing Vietnamese aluminum production industry to the world level.

With the vision: "Becoming the pride of Vietnam in providing total solutions for doors, completed construction materials applying high technology and comprehensive digital transformation", Austdoor Group wishes to seek an automatic solution to digitize the entire work process, an effective tool that can accompany and help businesses develop sustainably on the journey of digital transformation, support businesses to constantly innovate, Creativity and optimization of management and operation processes.

  1. Difficulties in business management processes

With a large staff size from a system of 9 subsidiaries, plus complex management characteristics in the manufacturing industry, Austdoor Group has encountered many difficulties from traditional manual management processes:

With the overall team

- Tasks are assigned sporadically via Email, Zalo, Skype...

- Unable to control the status of work execution

- Deadline is coming but don't know it; Frequently miss deadlines

- Delayed work processing speed, non-transparent and emotional evaluation

With staff

- Unable to track the approval status of proposed documents

- Not understanding what's wrong with the documents that need to be approved and who is approving them

With the board of directors

- Spends a lot of time approving, not approving promptly when absent from the office

With administrative department

- Expensive cost and time to deliver documents for signature

- Documents, documents, and contracts are stored separately on personal computer drives, without logic, leading to information loss when employees leave work.

With the entire business

- Businesses are using many different software, not integrating common data, causing waste of time and effort when using

  1. 1C Vietnam accompanies Austdoor in the digital transformation

After a close discussion process, 1C Vietnam is very honored to be selected by Austdoor Group to deploy document management and workflow automation solutions. With the goal of helping businesses:

- Restructure centralized and scientific information storage

- Save on stationery costs, paper document delivery fees, and storage space

- Support employees to submit proposals and leaders to approve documents, run work anytime, anywhere more effectively and quickly

1C:Document Management software, after more than 1 year of application, has brought Austdoor Group great strides in digital transformation:

- Digitize all work coordination processes such as: Price comparison table approval process, Production purchasing process, Advance/payment/refund process, Business vehicle registration process, Process Business travel ticket booking process,... and many other complex processes. All processes are assigned conditions to suit each different role and approval department.

- Support leaders to approve documents and proposals via handheld devices (Mobile App) anytime, anywhere.

- Since 1C:Document Management was put into operation, all processes have become lively, transparent and accurate. All of the Austdoor Group team feel that the working process has had a clear change in efficiency, in particular, the process of circulating documents has become smooth, without encountering any barriers like before. , helping to save significant time and effort of both employees and management.

- Furthermore, the process part is open and flexible, with many types of conditions available such as financial limits, roles, number of vacation days, allowing businesses to build and set up their own processes ( new) promulgated and edited (old) processes have been developed without the support of the 1C supplier.

In addition to the 1C:Document Management solution, Austdoor Group is also implementing the 1C:HRM&Payroll solution in parallel to manage large numbers of human resources and accurately calculate the Group's complex salary formulas. With the advantage of belonging to the 1C Ecosystem ecosystem, 1C:Document Management solution and 1C:HRM&Payroll solution can exchange data and coordinate operations smoothly with each other, thereby helping to save maximum time and costs. operating costs for businesses

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