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Thu Huong

The journey of digitizing the Tomibun imported retail chain

Field of activity: Retail, supermarket chain

In today's technology landscape, applying digital transformation trends is a must for businesses, especially the retail industry - operating based on customer shopping trends and preferences. In 2019, Tomibun - a retail chain importing high-end Japanese consumer products, officially entered the Vietnamese market, aiming to become one of the leading imported goods retail systems. To operate the store system smoothly, finding a powerful chain management software is very important, so Tomibun has chosen to deploy two solutions 1C:Retail Chain and 1C:Finance & Accounting with the companionship and introduction of NEC - Japan's leading multinational information technology corporation, and a strategic partner of 1C Vietnam, to optimize store management processes. .

1. Introducing the company and partners

“Tomibun Super Market” was established in 1974, in Chiba province, Japan. Chain of stores specializing in selling prestigious high-end consumer products, focusing on high-income segments and foreign customers with diverse business items: Essential foods, cosmetics, beverages ,... genuine in Japan, as well as products imported directly from many other countries. With the desire to bring Japanese products as well as Japanese culture to Vietnam, along with continuous efforts to develop, in 2019, Tomibun officially entered the Vietnamese market.

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, established in 1899. NEC is a leader in the field of information technology and network solutions for business companies and service providers. telecommunications and government, as well as providing telecommunications electronic products. As a chip manufacturer, NEC is one of the 20 largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. In 2006, NEC Vietnam - a subsidiary of NEC Corporation was officially established. As technology enterprises that have affirmed their names in the international market and are operating in Vietnam, in 2020, NEC and 1C Vietnam officially signed a strategic partnership agreement - creating a strategic partnership agreement. comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem, helping customers easily access digital opportunities and create new value by taking advantage of the potential of technology.

2. Difficulties in Tomibun's operating procedures

During the meeting with 1C Vietnam, Tomibun representative said the company is facing the following problems:

Specifically,the previous sales software the company used could only operate on an online platform, so it was often inconvenient due to internet connection errors, directly affecting operations and receiving customers. of the store.

Besides, Tomibun is a retail chain with a fairly large scale for each store, so the product list on display is very diverse and rich. The company needs software that can manage product catalogs by specific groups and can quickly search for products with smart filters.

Most importantly, Tomibun always innovates and promotes incentive programs, discounts, membership cards,... to increase attraction and maintain good relationships with customers. Currently, Tomibun has many discount policies such as: Buy 1 get 1 free gift discount; Discount on special hours; Manual discounts on vegetables, tubers, and fruits at the end of the day; Discount automatically reduces the price by a certain percentage or amount; reward points program on membership day, etc. Having too many promotions at the same time makes it difficult for sales staff to manage the customer reward point system, and it is also easy to get confused when applying discounts to customers. client.

3. 1C Vietnam "joined hands" with NEC to accelerate digital transformation with Tomibun

Both are reputable, long-standing businesses in Japan, NEC and Tomibun have worked and have a long-standing relationship. Realizing the difficulties in chain management that Tomibun is facing in the Vietnamese market, NEC proactively introduced and proposed 1C Vietnam's digital transformation ecosystem to Tomibun's board of directors. After a period of research and strict quality control according to Japanese standards, the company's board of directors decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the unit to deploy the integrated retail chain management solution 1C:Retail Chain. with 1C:Finance & Accounting software to manage employee productivity and optimize processes seamlessly.

From investing and implementing 1C Vietnam's digital transformation ecosystem, Tomibun is now able to:

For warehouse department:

  • Supports goods management by characteristics, barcodes, serial numbers,...
  • Supports strict management of product import and export fluctuations, avoiding losses during packaging and inventory
  • Control of specific merchandise at the retail point of sale

For sales department:

  • Can operate with an offline model (not affected by loss of internet connection), helping to operate a chain of points of sale stably
  • Easily manage lookup information: product list, partners, employees, loyalty cards,...
  • Support looking up and managing customer reward points, helping staff avoid errors when giving discounts to customers

For Marketing department:

  • Easily build and apply diverse Marketing programs: discounts, gifts
  • Manage company promotions according to various criteria (All automatic discounts must have conditions attached) and set promotional time schedules
  • Allows recording and managing customer information, issuing membership cards, upgrading cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs

For accounting department:

  • The data connection in the 1C ecosystem makes the management information flow completely automatically from the accounting departments, minimizing manual data entry time for the accounting department.

Making every effort for the goals of expanding scale and applying digital transformation to businesses to gradually integrate and develop, Tomibun is gradually asserting its position in the market with quality products and services. dedicated service. With the desire to contribute to bringing the most advanced technology solutions to the domestic market, towards sustainable development, 1C Vietnam commits to always putting the interests of customers and partners first.

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