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Human Resource Management

  • All staff information is controlled according to the organizational chart, department, position; allows full storage of employee information: employee code, recruitment process, personal information, salary history, experience, contracts, training, rewards, family members, annual health check, health insurance...
  • Contract management: Contract term, contract type, signing date and print contract directly from the system; design and modify the contract terms in appropriate to each period
  • Managing the process of increasing, reducing salary rank, reward, discipline, rotation, promotion, monitoring the whole working period of employees at the company, printing decisions directly from the system
  • Managing different types of leave for employees: annual leave, business trip, maternity leave, unpaid leave... corresponding to different regimes
  • Termination management: Exit interview, minutes of handover, liquidation of contract, decision of contract termination
  • All document are stored on the system in scan file


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