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Thu Huong

Digitally transforming the production and operation processes of Phuc Loc Co., Ltd

Field of activity: Mechanical production

To integrate and develop in the 4.0 digital age, Vietnamese businesses have encountered many difficulties on the path to change and grasp knowledge about technology application or digital transformation of operating and production processes. . Phuc Loc Company Limited is a mechanical detail manufacturing and processingenterprisewith the need for digital transformation in production and operation processes and has trusted and chosen 1C:Company Management as a comprehensive business management solution. to reduce costs and increase management and business efficiency.

1. Company introduction

Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. (Phuc Loc Co.,ltd) was established in May 2006 - formerly a small decal roll wrapping facility in Soc Trang - the company specializes in manufacturing, printing, and decal roll wrapping to serve customers. all industries of food, garment, electronics,...

As one of the first label manufacturing facilities in the Western market of Vietnam, Phuc Loc always strives to continuously develop and provide high quality products and perfect after-sales service to brings the highest satisfaction to customers, as well as actively contributing to the development of Vietnam's packaging industry.

Since its establishment, Phuc Loc has continuously grown and continuously developed not only in production scale, but also in sales. To continue those successes, the company's leadership team has constantly sought technological solutions to develop and expand production not only in the packaging industry but also in the industry. mechanics and metal cutting but also serves production for food companies.

With the motto of always providing products with high quality and the best price for customers, Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. always strives to optimize all production and operating costs to be able to meet all needs. the most demanding needs of customers.

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

Talking to 1C Vietnam, a representative of Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. said the business encountered the following problems:

For production department:

  • No production line management system: As an enterprise that produces and distributes a large number of mechanical parts to the Southern region - Vietnam, Phuc Loc faces difficulties in managing and monitoring the process . Production in each stage for each order. Currently, the company is still using a manual production process, leading to many errors in the process of managing orders and spending a lot of time closely monitoring.
  • Managers cannot monitor the productivity of each worker to understand work performance and order completion time.

For human resources department:

  • As a manufacturing enterprise, Phuc Loc has many ways to calculate salaries for workers such as: Calculating salaries by shifts, calculating wages by orders,... This is the point that creates many difficulties in the process of calculating salaries for workers. workers, easily causing salary delays.

For accounting department:

  • The manual accounting work that businesses are applying takes a lot of time and sometimes leads to errors in the process of data entry, making income and expenditure reports, and managing cash flow for businesses.
  • Not being able to plan revenues and expenditures and purchases accurately leads to difficulties in the inventory process or large quantities of inventory.

In addition, the business's process still has many shortcomings because it is using manual methods, leading to errors in calculating revenue and costs. Therefore, businesses really want to be able to build a management process from receiving orders from customers to planning production, calculating outsourcing to purchase goods, then conducting production and sales..

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. in the digital transformation process

Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. After a period of studying, researching, and evaluating the suitability for the scale and nature of the business, the company's board of directors decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the unit to implement the management solution. Overall value of 1C:Company Management manufacturing enterprise to help optimize production processes, maximize cost savings and improve work performance.

With the investment and implementation of 1C:Company Management solution, Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. was able to:

For production department:

  • The software helps manage production processes effectively, including: Self-production and outsourcing processes with outside suppliers, providing management reports on production and product costs for administrators to plan. Business plan more effective.
  • Grasp the production situation and completion time of orders to optimize the production process in the enterprise.

For accounting department:

  • The software has supported the business's accounting department to effectively manage cash flow for the process of purchasing raw materials, managing inventory, and inventorying warehoused goods to help ensure supply to customers.
  • Minimize data entry time for the accounting department, track receivables and payables and plan revenue and expenditure with just simple operations on the software.

For purchasing department:

  • Provide tools to calculate raw material needs according to production norms for businesses to avoid incurring storage costs and ensure optimal production costs for each order.

For sales department:

  • The software supports businesses in making orders, managing sales, tracking revenue for each sales employee and providing sales management reports for administrators.
  • Track the order shipping process, avoid lost goods and understand delivery time.

For human resources department:

  • Easily calculate salaries by shift, by product, salary, etc. for workers in the enterprise, meet payroll on time, and produce quick and timely reports for managers.
  • Grasp the performance of employees to have appropriate welfare policies, rewards, and reminders.

With the vision of becoming a mechanical manufacturing enterprise providing customers nationwide, Phuc Loc Co., Ltd. has been very successful in applying 1C:Company Management digital transformation solutions to improve work efficiency. , saving maximum time and costs. And overcome the difficult problems that businesses are facing.

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