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Thu Huong

Join MIDOMAX to start the business digitalization journey

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Comprehensive digital transformation to adapt to the "new normal" and develop strongly in 2022 is the goal of many businesses. However, the problem is which solution is suitable and useful to accompany businesses in overcoming obstacles in the process of digitalization. MIDOMAX - An enterprise specializing in providing equipment, tools and solutions in many sports such as tennis, football, volleyball, badminton... and looking forward to the future to become a leading unit in sports products. sports in the Vietnamese market. For that reason, MIDOMAX has implemented both 1C:Trade Management and 1C:Finance & Accounting solutions simultaneously.

1. Company introduction

With more than 200 employees and over 10 years of experience bringing quality sports products to consumers, MIDOMAX always wants sports players to not only use good products but also to be safe and durable. high and enjoy completely free consulting and care services as the company's guideline: "Safe sports - Outstanding quality".

MIDOMAX also accompanies and supports athletes and clubs in domestic and international tournaments with typical names such as: player Nghiem Xuan Tu, player Ha Duc Chinh, player Ho Tan Tai, Becamex Binh Club Duong, SHB Da Nang Club, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Club, Athlete Bui Thi Nga, Athlete Le Thanh Thuy, Athlete Nguyen Linh Chi, Athlete Bui Vu Thanh Tuyen,...

In addition, understanding the growing urban life, increasing demand for exercise and sports and people's desire to use high-quality sports products, MIDOMAX has set a goal to reach 2025. There will be more than 1,000 agents providing genuine products to consumers in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

Talking to 1C Vietnam, a MIDOMAX representative said the business encountered the following problems:

MIDOMAX used a previous accounting software but it was not effective for the business and still led to problems in the sales process, customer care or providing management reports to leaders.

For sales department:

  • The work of selling and placing orders for customers faces many inadequacies when the staff cannot proactively act according to the customer's request or takes a lot of time to operate. This affects customer satisfaction when choosing to experience MIDOMAX products and services.

For customer care department:

  • When a business has many different customer groups with diverse discount levels for each customer group, the staff is not flexible in selling according to the right quantity, causing losses when selling at the wrong price and affecting the quality of the product. affect customer experience.
  • Unable to build automatic discount programs, sales staff must remember the programs themselves to apply to orders, which easily causes errors and confusion during the order calculation process.

For warehouse department:

  • The warehouse department is not proactive in timing the need to deliver goods promptly to stores, customer purchase orders, or is receiving delivery requests by word of mouth, easily leading to errors such as excess or shortage of goods for customers.

In addition, the management reporting system in the enterprise is not diverse and not customizable or flexible according to the requirements of the board of directors, so the board of directors often finds it difficult to grasp information, business and production situations. of the company. Or when the management wants to see the report immediately but has to wait for employees to complete and send it or cannot proactively check the situation anytime, anywhere.

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies MIDOMAX in the digital transformation

After a period of studying, researching, and evaluating the suitability, MIDOMAX decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the unit to deploy the trade management solution 1C:Trade Management to help optimize the sales and management process. Warehousing maximizes cost savings and improves working efficiency.

From investing and implementing 1C:Trade Management and 1C:Finance & Accounting solutions with 45 simultaneous connections, MIDOMAX has been able to:

For sales department:

  • The sales staff proactively places orders for customers right on the software with just a few simple steps and monitors the status of orders arriving or whether they have been successfully delivered,...
  • The software allows integration with the sales website, retail orders placed on the website are automatically pushed to the software so that the sales department can quickly capture information and significantly reduce data entry time, improving productivity. employee performance

For customer care department:

  • The software builds diverse pricing and payment policies for customer groups and individual customers, helping staff flexibly perform sales according to the right quantity.
  • Set up a variety of discount programs and discounts automatically applied to customers, helping to significantly reduce price mistakes, missing promotions for orders, and improve customer experience when shopping. MIDOMAX products.

For warehouse department:

  • The warehouse department can proactively track shipping orders right on the software, capture order information and quantity of goods to accurately deliver to stores or customers.

In particular, the software provides a smart, flexible reporting system that helps the board of directors proactively view management reports and grasp the business situation of the enterprise to make timely business decisions.

Pursuing the goal of expanding scale and providing products nationwide, MIDOMAX has maximally improved the problems being encountered and increasingly affirmed its position in the market by applying smart software. such as 1C:Trade Management and 1C:Finance & Accounting. Not only that, the application of software also opens the door to integration and sustainable development in the future for MIDOMAX.

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