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When technology elevates technology - Digital transformation journey of TNTech - TNG Holdings with 1C Vietnam

In today's era, where technology is becoming an important pillar of every industry, applying digital transformation is not only an option, but also a key factor determining the success or failure of businesses. On this challenging journey, determined to achieve the goal of successful digital transformation for a future of comprehensive sustainable development, TNG Holdings Vietnam has joined hands with 1C Vietnam to "take advantage" of technology to enhance the company's success, bringing new technology to TNTech member companies.

1. About TNG Holdings Vietnam and TNTech:

TNG Holdings Vietnam is one of the leading multi-industry corporations in Vietnam today.
Entering the Vietnamese market since 1996, in the field of industrial park management and development, after 27 years of formation and development, TNG Holdings Vietnam has expanded into many different fields with a wide scale of operations. around the country.
Up to now, TNG Holdings Vietnam is known as a leading economic group with thousands of employees, operating in many fields: Real Estate Development, Business and Management, Real Estate Leasing; Trade and services; Hotel – Resort; Energy; Agriculture and Finance - Banking.
In the diverse system of TNG Holdings, TNTech plays an important role in the field of information technology. As a professional and independent subsidiary, TNTech is not only a technology solution provider but also a strategic partner of many large businesses in the market, helping businesses optimize their operations. increase profits, save time and operating costs.
In the coming period, TNTech Company aims to become TOP 3 Companies integrating smart solutions in the Real Estate, Services - Hotel industries and TOP 10 in the Finance - Banking industry by 2025.​​​

2. TNTech and 1C Vietnam "take advantage" of technology to transform and reach out:

Accepting the challenges of an increasingly volatile market, especially as an enterprise operating in the field of technology, TNTech is clearly aware of the importance of applying 4.0 solutions to enhance innovation. performance and create new business models. This raises the question: How can a technology company face the challenge and upgrade its management system?

3. Current situation before implementation:

To improve management efficiency and optimize internal working processes, TNTech has chosen to join hands with 1C Vietnam to deploy the project "EOFFICE - Digital Office" and apply the 1C:Document Management solution. The project was implemented with consensus from both parties with the main goal of automating processes, reducing operating time, and optimizing the performance of overall units in the Group.

4. Results after implementing 1C:Document Management solution:

After only 6 months of implementing 1C:Document Management, TNTech's operational efficiency has achieved significant achievements:
- Digitize many processes for departments/units, reducing time for manual document signing. Now users can quickly approve documents on mobile applications.
- Centrally stored documents, all users can access anytime, anywhere.
- Report output - is a basis with high accuracy and reliability, helping to evaluate work efficiency in circulating internal documents

During the implementation process, 1C Vietnam accompanied TNTech on an exciting and challenging digital transformation journey. With a huge amount of personnel and stored information, businesses have faced problems in coordinating organizational culture changes, transfer and integration between old and new systems, as well as training. Create employees to effectively use new technologies.

1C Vietnam not only acts as a solution provider, but also a friend on TNTech's digital transformation journey. With a professional and reputable implementation and support team from 1C Vietnam, the TNTech team was determined to overcome obstacles, thereby seeing many clear and sustainable effects in the business operation process.

TNTech's story is not only about how businesses improve their internal working processes but also is a model for innovation and readiness to face the challenges of an increasingly volatile market. TNTech and TNG Holdings Vietnam Group have proven that digital transformation is not just a tool or a strategy, but also the key to opening new opportunities and bringing competition. The good cooperation between businesses and 1C Vietnam not only represents personal success but is also an important step on Vietnam's digital transformation path.

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