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Field of activity: Furniture

Currently, many businesses have promoted corporate governance and restored their production by applying digital technology but face many different barriers and challenges, including: building strategies Develop, choose optimal digital solutions and find reliable partners. Hong Duc Furniture - an educational equipment manufacturing enterprise has trusted and chosen 1C:Company Management as a comprehensive business management solution to increase business efficiency.

1. Company introduction

Established in 2004, up to now, Hong Duc Furniture has always been the leading flag in the North Central region in manufacturing and supplying school furniture, office furniture, and construction interiors (Family). , restaurants, hotels, resorts...), factory furniture, preschool toys and equipment. The company is an affiliated member of the Vietnam Educational Equipment Association.

During its growth process, Hong Duc Furniture has also been recognized and awarded many noble awards by the Party, Government and People's Committee of Thanh Hoa Province, affirming product quality and brand value. Currently, more than 40 businesses, corporations and hundreds of high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, preschools, and public offices across the country have been using the company's products and services.

Hong Duc was built with an organizational structure consisting of many departments: the Office block includes Marketing, Financial Accounting & Organization, Market Planning & Projects, the Business Block includes Order Receiving, and Customer Care departments. customers, Operations department includes production department and warehouse department. It can be seen that the requirement for continuous connection and interaction between departments is very high.

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

Talking to 1C Vietnam, a representative of Hong Duc Furniture said that before using 1C Vietnam's software, Hong Duc Furniture used 3 software from other parties: order management software; software for making production orders and lists; accounting and warehouse software. However, due to coming from different development units, the ability to manage and connect between operating stages is still fragmented, directly affecting management activities and the company's development strategy.

Specifically,with a large quantity of goods and a large organizational structure spread across the country, the need to link between departments and update work progress within the company is very important. However, the company still does not use the internal network system and only mainly communicates via Email, Facebook, Skype, etc. This is a major obstacle in understanding progress and coordinating between departments. board.

In addition, because the software is not interconnected, the company has difficulty calculating business efficiency because it does not have a system to manage and automate many related functions between departments. You rely on a single database and the same user interface. Therefore, it is difficult for Hong Duc's leadership to understand and manage daily business activities such as accounting, purchasing, production planning and control, project management, etc.

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies Hong Duc Furniture in the digital transformation

After a period of studying, researching, and evaluating the suitability, the board of directors of Hong Duc Furniture decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the unit to deploy the overall business management solution 1C:Company Management to help Overall management in the company becomes easier, data is more consistent, optimizing production processes, saving costs as well as improving work performance.

From investing and implementing the 1C:Company Management solution, Hong Duc Furniture has been able to:

For production department:

  • The software helps standardize catalogs and product codes on the system, synchronize manual processes working on the software, and capture production status to meet customer needs.
  • Record and manage the actual production process at the unit, evaluate production quality in terms of machinery and people.

For warehouse department:

  • Support strict management of fluctuations in import and export of materials, ensure production efficiency, and avoid losses during the management process.

For purchasing department:

  • Support the purchasing department to promptly grasp the need for supplies and raw materials during internal operations and production, thereby promptly supplying raw materials.

For sales department:

  • Support sales managers to grasp inventory and production status to meet customer needs. In addition, 1C:Company Management also helps improve the information exchange process between departments, avoiding data loss and errors.
  • 1C Vietnam has customized a tool to manage and track detailed debt with customers according to market officers (Sales), evaluate business performance (KPI), provide specific reports for each item and calculate Sales-based salaries for employees are based on Hong Duc's unique operating needs.

For accounting department:

  • Timely evaluate revenues, expenditures, and debts in the business process with simple operations on the software.
  • Documents are synchronized from the management software to the accounting software, helping to reduce data entry time for the accounting department.

Making every effort for the goals of expanding scale and applying digital transformation to businesses to gradually integrate and develop, Hong Duc Furniture is gradually asserting its position in the market with quality products. quality, and smart management system with 1C:Company Management software. With this wise choice, Hong Duc Furniture not only overcomes difficulties encountered in manual operation and management processes, but also helps businesses have more opportunities to expand production scale and improve business efficiency.

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