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Thu Huong

Success story of VMC Production and Trading Joint Stock Company

Field of activity: Veterinary medicine production

On the journey of business and development, especially in the digital era 4.0, Vietnamese businesses always face many difficulties in operation and management. VMC Production and Trading Joint Stock Company is also one of them and is a business that is starting to transform itself to change and integrate in the digital age with 1C:Company Management solution - Enterprise managementsolution comprehensively, overcoming difficult problems that businesses are facing to optimize production processes, saving maximum time and costs for businesses.

1. Company introduction

VMC Vietnam Production and Trading Joint Stock Company was established in 2004 in Hanoi, providing in many industries, such as producing veterinary drugs, antiseptics, probiotics, and feed additives for the animal husbandry industry. medicine and aquaculture.

With the goal of working to gain customers' trust, VMC Vietnam Company is always committed to providing and producing high quality products and actively contributing to the success of livestock farms in Vietnam.

The business's vision is to serve and contribute to the prosperity of society through providing innovative and safe products, that's why VMC always wants to optimize production processes and improve management efficiency. management and operations within the enterprise to achieve the company's mission and vision.

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

As a manufacturing enterprise with specific characteristics, VMC Vietnam representatives shared with 1C Vietnam the problems they are facing such as:

For production department:

  • Enterprises have difficulty recording production norms for each ingredient and specifications of each product type to ensure the quality of each batch of medicine is maintained during production, packaging and transportation.
  • VMC Vietnam urgently needs a solution that can manage the production process optimally and effectively from the step of placing production orders, calculating the materials needed to use based on technical information and product specifications. and the technical information of each batch of materials used to calculate the estimated material usage limit of each production order.

For human resources department:

  • Enterprises apply many forms of salary calculation for employees according to the specific characteristics of operations and production, so salary calculation faces many difficulties, easily causing slow and incorrect salaries.

For accounting department:

  • Monitoring the import and export of inventory according to two separate roles: accounting and warehouse department still faces many inadequacies. There is no report to compare discrepancies between accounting and warehouse department and businesses expect the department to The warehouse department only monitors and records the number of orders and products.

For sales department:

  • Businesses want to be able to manage the sales process in detail from recording customer orders, delivering goods, receiving returned goods and tracking debt.

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies VMC Vietnam Company in the digital transformation process

By grasping world trends, and through time studying, researching, and evaluating suitability, the board of directors of VMC Vietnam Company decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the solution implementation unit. Overall management of manufacturing enterprise 1C:Company Management to overcome difficult problems of the enterprise, and at the same time support the enterprise to achieve its goals of integration and sustainable development.

With the investment and implementation of 1C:Company Management solution, VMC Vietnam Company was able to:

For production department:

  • The software helps businesses determine production norms for each component and specification, helping to optimize costs for businesses and minimize raw material inventory.
  • Steps from creating production orders, calculating raw materials needed, estimating material usage limits of each production order have been managed strictly and in detail through 1C:Company Management software.

For human resources department:

  • Calculate salaries according to the characteristics of the business to meet timely salary payments and issue reports quickly and promptly.

For accounting department:

  • The software has supported the accounting department in tracking the import and export of inventory, separating the tasks of accounting and the warehouse department in the enterprise.
  • Export reports quickly and promptly based on real data and support exporting reports to reconcile discrepancies between accounting and the warehouse department.
  • Track debt right on the software with just a few simple steps

For sales department: .

  • After applying the software, VMC was able to manage the sales process from the time of recording customer orders, delivery progress, delivery time, and receiving returned goods.
  • Grasp the quantity of goods in stock to have effective sales strategies and policies, increasing revenue for businesses.

By applying modern technology to businesses, VMC Vietnam Company has gradually overcome difficulties for businesses in the context of digitalization and the application of 1C:Company Management has also supported VMC. Vietnam is good at optimizing processes, controlling production norms, minimizing costs during operation and production and enhancing sustainable competitive advantage.

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