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TD Group - SAMMISHOP and the digital transformation journey with 1C Vietnam

In the 4.0 era with the continuous development of technology, digital transformation has become more important than ever for businesses, especially in the retail industry, where all business decisions must be based on on customer shopping trends and preferences. Seizing the opportunity to transform and develop, TD Group and the SAMMISHOP brand have made continuous efforts to become the leading genuine and reputable cosmetic supermarket chain in Vietnam, thereby deciding to choose 1C Vietnam. is a reliable digital transformation partner. This marked an important step in TD Group's journey to turn ambitions into reality.

1. About TD Group and SAMMISHOP

Established in 2009, SAMMISHOP is the leading genuine and reputable cosmetic supermarket chain in Vietnam under Thuy Dung International Cosmetic Group - TD Group. Currently, the SAMMISHOP brand is present in more than 23 stores nationwide, officially distributing more than 300 prestigious and famous cosmetic brands in the world.

During 15 years of operation, SAMMISHOP has continuously improved every day to bring customers shopping experiences with the 4 BEST criteria: MOST RELIABLE - HIGHEST QUALITY - BEST PRICE - EXCELLENT SERVICE THE BEST.

2. TD Group and 1C Vietnam "launch" the digital transformation process

With the goal of pursuing and strengthening the above 4 core criteria, since 2015, TD Group has trusted 1C Vietnam as a reliable digital transformation companion with 1C:Retail Chain and 1C:Finance & Accounting to automate retail operations and accounting work in businesses.

SAMMISHOP is a genuine and reputable cosmetic supermarket chain with more than 23 stores spread across the North and South. SAMMISHOP has been using 1C:Retail Chain since 2015, with the number of customers increasing significantly each year and branches being expanded regularly, SAMMISHOP is completely assured by its comprehensive management system and storage capabilities. Unlimited data and flexible software customization according to business needs with solutions from 1C Vietnam. 1C:Retail Chain completely meets SAMMISHOP's requirements for cashier sales speed, the ability to quickly calculate Marketing programs, and perfectly integrates with hardware devices in the store to help standardize the process. sales program.

tdgroup sammishop 1cvietnam

3. Current situation before implementation

Before implementing the solution from 1C Vietnam, SAMMISHOP had to face a series of notable problems:
- Excessive data volume leads to slow operation
- Difficulties in managing Marketing and promotions at each store
- Data cannot be synchronized with accounting software, causing costly time to retrieve and review data, making it difficult to avoid confusion and manual errors.

4. Results after implementing 1C:Retail Chain and 1C:Finance & Accounting solutions

After deploying and applying the 1C:Retail Chain and 1C:Finance & Accounting software solutions, SAMMISHOP store chain operations have seen clear improvements:
- Chain system of 15 stores nationwide operated on the same 1C software system, helping to ensure sales speed with large transaction volume, especially when there are promotions
- Automate marketing, discount and promotion programs under complex conditions and can be combined simultaneously to ensure optimal benefits provided to customers
- Data of the chain system is operated smoothly between departments and divisions in the company, including integration with 1C:Finance & Accounting software to help operational processes take place seamlessly.
- The system not only meets the requirements at the time of deployment but is also capable of expanding according to the scale of the store chain, the number of users, arising operations, and specific reporting systems as required. .. with the ability to integrate with convenient sales websites

5. TD Group believes in choosing 1C Vietnam to deploy 1C:Document Management and 1C:HRM & Payroll

Proud to be trusted by TD Group on the 7-year journey of companionship, on the morning of October 24, 2023, 1C Vietnam kicked off the signing ceremony to deploy the 1C:Document Management and 1C:HRM & Payroll projects with the participation of the leadership from both sides of the business, especially with the presence of Mr. Vu Ngoc Thiem - General Director of TD Group and Mr. Ivan Pimukov - Head of 1C Vietnam project.

tdgroup sammishop 1cvietnam

Through the signing ceremony, the two sides agreed on the goals and expected results when implementing the 1C: Document Management and 1C: HRM & Payroll solution sets. The project is expected to help TD Group comprehensively digitally transform from the core, towards a modern, flexible, "no-latency" digital Office environment, while increasing the efficiency of administration and general operations and optimizing Optimize costs and resources for businesses. From there, the solution set is expected to become a powerful support tool to help TD Group as well as SAMMISHOP increasingly improve service quality and product quality for Vietnamese consumers.

At the end of the ceremony, the representative of 1C Vietnam expressed his appreciation for the strong partnership between the two parties and his sincere thanks to TD Group for trusting and choosing 1C Vietnam as a reputable companion supplier. credit on the digital transformation journey. 1C Vietnam representative also pledged to bring the best resources to meet the quality and schedule to help the project be implemented successfully.

The story of SAMMISHOP and TD Group is a typical example proving that digital transformation can create new opportunities, optimize management and make the overall business operation process more efficient. . This is also a story about "sustainable development" cooperation with the goal of improving the quality of services and products for Vietnamese consumers, and is an "inspiration" for digital transformation for willing Vietnamese businesses. strive to innovate.

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