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Thu Huong

VNPay applies digital office solutions of 1C Vietnam

With the world's constant instability and fluctuations in recent years, if businesses do not quickly change and adapt promptly, it will be difficult to keep up with the market. Digital transformation is currently one of the "hot" trends that all businesses in all fields and industries are interested in, especially when digital transformation can bring businesses great benefits such as optimization. Cost and time savings, improved productivity. As an enterprise specializing in electronic payment solutions, VNPAY Company has not been slow to update modern trends and has also actively applied digital transformation solutions to the company's professional work. ty.

  1. About VNPAY Company:

Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (VNPAY) is a leading company in the field of electronic payment in Vietnam, having supported thousands of Vietnamese businesses across the country to remove payment barriers since 2007. .

Taking the message "Making life simpler" as a guideline in all activities, VNPAY Company is looking for a solution to help streamline management processes and centrally digitize all types of contracts and business documents. business, while automating and optimizing management processes in the business, so that "life" becomes "simpler" precisely from the company's internal activities.

  1. Difficulties in business management processes

As one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of electronic payment, with a partner network of more than 150,000 units and more than 40 affiliated banks, VNPAY Company always needs to handle a large volume of documents. The contracts are extremely large, with many obstacles in management:

With staff

- Documents, documents, and contracts are stored separately on personal computer drives, without logic, leading to loss of information when employees change positions or quit their jobs.

- Difficulty tracking the contract validity status, along with the types of acceptance and liquidation documents associated with that contract

- Unable to track the approval status of proposed documents

- Not understanding what's wrong with the documents that need to be approved and who is approving them

- Expensive cost and time to deliver documents for signature

With the board of directors

- It is difficult for the Board of Directors to calculate revenue value by individual/department

- Losing track of people and edited or changed content in documents

  1. 1C Vietnam walks with VNPAY on the digital transformation journey

With the determination to transform digitally from internal business operating processes, in July 2018, VNPAY decided to establish a restructuring project board in storing and securing centralized information such as types of contracts, outgoing documents, incoming documents, internal documents, work management to improve work efficiency and business development.

1C:Document Management is the solution chosen by businesses to manage current contracts and documents and digitize all contracts signed with customers since the company's founding until now. Centrally store all documents and forms according to internal company standards.

After 2 months of implementation from the date of signing the contract, the system has come into operation according to the requirements of VNPAY Company, helping businesses take steady steps in digital transformation, with outstanding results:

- Save implementation time and many costs such as stationery, ink, warehouse,...

- All information is stored safely with absolutely high confidentiality

- Leaders can compile statistics on the number and value of signed contracts each period, helping to compare and come up with timely strategies

- In particular, the software has a notification tool to remind when contracts are about to expire or are overdue, helping businesses process documents promptly.

- The software also supports linking contracts with appendices, pre- and post-liquidation minutes, and a quick information lookup facility, helping employees find documents immediately without having to contact the department. Archive to view the original

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