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Thu Huong

World of digital transformation with trade management solutions

Field of activity: Construction materials

In a globally integrated economy, the trade sector has many opportunities to develop and expand continuously. Along with those opportunities, businesses also encounter many difficulties and challenges: goods management, logistics, accounts receivable, sales,... and Nha Gioi - businesses are at the forefront of The largest commercial concrete production and supply sector in the Southeast region cannot avoid the problem of optimizing the business's operating processes. To solve outstanding problems, the company has chosen the Trade management solution of 1C Vietnam.

1. Company introduction

The Gioi Nha is a young, creative and enthusiastic enterprise and one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of commercial concrete in the Southeast region. The company has been a strategic, sustainable and reliable partner of leading Vietnamese companies such as Hoa Binh Group, Petrovietnam, VinGroup, BIDV, ... Currently, the company has more than 500 employees and workers. Employees are working and working in more than 30 factories across the country.

In the context of the world and Vietnam's economies being positive changes, opening up many opportunities. But besides that, significant challenges such as increasingly fierce competitive pressure in the market, technological innovation, automation, etc. require The Gioi Nha to make every effort in restructuring. structure, improving competitiveness and reputation. In particular, improving product quality and optimizing commercial and production operations processes is one of the main tasks of The Gioi Nha in the coming years.

2. Difficulties in the company's operating procedures

Talking to 1C Vietnam, a representative of The Gioi Nha said that previously, the company used software from other parties to optimize operating processes. However, the old software still has major disadvantages, requiring The Gioi Nha to find a comprehensive solution, completely overcoming the disadvantages that the old software cannot meet.

Specifically,the company cannot manage goods according to product characteristics such as production technology, origin, price segment, color, weight, etc. This makes it difficult to assign staff to be in charge and control. Revenue, measuring market coverage and consumption, etc. all become difficult and intermittent.

Besides, The Gioi Nha is a large commercial enterprise with a distribution and production list of up to thousands of products. Information management and product classification cause many difficulties and take time, causing customers to Managers do not have a comprehensive view of the business, leading to difficulties in planning long-term development strategies.

In addition, with rapid development, The Gioi Nha in recent years has continuously expanded and developed both in production scale and number of products. However, the previous software the company used was packaged software, unable to expand and grow according to the number of users, especially unable to meet the needs of customization according to specific characteristics. of business.

The company also encountered difficulties in managing the warehouse and accounting departments because the old software did not have a unit conversion system between the accounting and warehouse departments, which led to errors when preparing documents. The lack of unit conversion tools between departments makes the order fulfillment process time-consuming, prone to confusion, errors, and costs.

Finally, the company's desire is to be able to manage revenue according to sales staff (Sales), but the software has not been able to meet that. In recent years, The Gioi Nha has invested a lot in recruitment costs, but in reality the company does not clearly understand the actual performance of each sales in the market & coverage expansion activities due to difficulty in tracking the rate. Successful orders/number of sales visits if only managed by paper or zalo, skype applications.

3. 1C Vietnam accompanies The Gioi Nha in the digital transformation process

After a period of studying, researching, and evaluating the suitability, The Gioi Nha board of directors decided to choose 1C Vietnam as the unit implementing 1C Vietnam's Trade management solution to help with overall management. within the company becomes easier, data is more consistent.

For business scale expansion strategy

  • Meets customized needs according to business characteristics, providing maximum support for overall management.
  • Promote continuous expansion of business scale with the number of connections from 03 to 100 users.
  • Diverse reporting system flexibly analyzes and continuously checks all aspects of business operations at every branch

For warehouse department:

  • Provides testing and statistical tools to help effectively manage goods in the warehouse.

For sales department:

  • Optimize the debt limit control process by amount and time, significantly reducing risks in the sales process.
  • Ensuring seamless sales process automation including wholesale and retail.
  • 1C Vietnam has customized a tool to manage and track detailed debt with customers according to market staff (Sales), provide specific reports for each item and calculate sales-based salaries for employees based on their needs. The World Home's separate operating requirements.

For accounting department:

  • Timely evaluate revenues, expenditures, and debts in the business process with simple operations on the software.
  • Documents are synchronized from the management software to the accounting software, helping to reduce data entry time for the accounting department.
  • Support loan management tools, track details of loan principal, loan interest, loan term, principal and interest payment plan according to each loan contract.

With a very clear awareness and vision of The Gioi Nha is to become a strong corporation with sustainable development in the field of manufacturing and supplying commercial concrete products and construction materials in the Vietnamese market and In the region, digital transformation is a journey that needs to be done quickly to meet the current speed of building facilities and infrastructure. Thanks to many years of experience in deploying trade management software for businesses, 1C Vietnam has gradually overcome initial difficulties and brought The Gioi Nha closer to the goal of completing digital transformation, increasing sales and revenue. sustainable revenue growth.

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