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Inventory & B.O.M Management

Inventory and Bill of Material Management

The accounting of goods, materials and finished goods is followed VAS No 2. The cost of goods, materials and finished goods shall be calculated according to one of following methods:

-        Weighted average method

-        First in, first out method (FIFO)

In case FIFO method is applied, users can conduct accounting based on batches in inventory accounts. Costing methods can be applied independently for each company.

Manage many various warehouses of enterprise

Manage input and output of inventory

Manage the consumption of goods, free goods.

The quantity of goods sold at the point of sale is automatically deducted from the direct warehouse.

The system automatically deducts quantities of materials used for productions based on bill of materials.

Many various criteria to allocate manufacturing overhead costs.

Calculating cost of goods sold, making profit / loss ratio for goods sold especially for processed goods.

Report detailed inventory of goods and raw materials.

Provide a spreadsheet of costing

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