Assets Management

Fixed assets, tools and equipment are a major part of total assets in large enterprise with thousands of units and used for different departments. It is extremely necessary to do the management of those assets well because enterprise can easily retrieve information about fluctuations and current status of fixed assets; tools and equipment such as malfunction, upgrade, maintenance…

It is extremely necessary to do the management of fixed assets, tools and equipment well because those assets are an important part of enterprise. The management is getting more difficult when the company size is bigger and the quantities of fixed assets, tools ran up to thousands of units. How can an enterprise retrieve easily and quickly the information about an asset’s fluctuations and current status of such asset such as malfunction, upgrade, maintenance. Understanding of that difficulty, 1C: Finance & Accounting has been developed to help enterprise solve the management problems and optimize financial efficiency in the same software that cannot be highly effective management with Excel or other software.

Accounting tangible and intangible fixed assets is according to VAS No 3 and 4, main functions are including:

-Manage assets by group: Buildings and structures, Machinery and equipment, Means of transportation and transmitters, Office equipment and furniture, Perennial plants, working and producing animals and Other fixed assets

- Manage and monitor the equipment assembly to form fixed assets

- Manage assets by code, list number and name

- Manage detailed information of assets such as manufacture date, origin of fixed assets, the factory number, time of putting assets into use, place of using ...

- Depreciation methods: straight line, adjusted reducing balance method, method of depreciation based on volume.

- Manage assets from procurement, depreciation, relocation of using, repair, upgrade, asset’s take out until liquidation.

- Managing the process of financial leasse fixed assets

- Detailed record of tools and equipment and put tools and equipment into use.

- Track details of each prepaid expense

- End of month, automatically allocation depreciation of fixed assets and tools and prepaid expenses.

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