Reporting System

Internal reports

Internal reports provide, analyze information of balance, arising of accounts and entries in various sections.

Internal reports include trial balance, balance sheet, Trial balance for each account, account tag, Account analysis, Item analysis, arising between items, general entries, Account analysis general, Charts. When preparing reports, you can customize by grouping, filtering and sorting information to make reports based on the users’ need.

Legal reports

 These reports are submitted to business manager and authorities, including accounting forms, tax declaration, reports for statistic department….

Legal reports according to IFRS

Nowadays, international financial report standard is applied by almost countries in different ways. It brings many benefits for enterprises as well as economic background. Applying international standard will help your enterprise simply accounting process by using a consistent language through financial report of multiple businesses. This standard also provides a big picture for investors and accountants in the case of globalization. 1C Vietnam decided to become the first solution providers who brings IFRS to its software 1C:Finance & Accounting for Vietnamese enterprises.

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