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Sales & Receivables

It is one of the most important factors which simply is output of products and services, brings revenues for businesses.

Several modules are created to record entries from both retail and wholesales activities. Each activity has its own arise factors.

For retail: contain features to record sales of goods immediately without having to put customer information or wait for the sales records at the end of the day.

For wholesales: support automatic delivery (goods and services). When using wholesales features, there are numbers of automatic steps such as: quotation form, bill, bill of sales, VAT invoice. All transactions are recorded based on contracts with customers.

Accounting for factoring transactions

Records all contact information of customers such as name, tax code, phone number, bank account… and contact detail of person in charge.

The software allows users to record and manage detail information of sales, which is an effective tool to manage and make decisions in time:

-         Updating bill of sales; bill of services

-         Tracking in general and in detail output

-         Tracking sales based on customers, departments, employees, contracts.

-         Output VAT management

-         Connecting to receivables account, general accounting, inventory accounting

-         Tracking receivable records, collect process and status of customers

-         Providing sales report with different forms: receipts, customers, group of customers, inventory…

Sales consignment accounting

Automatic recording transactions for received consignment goods and consignment goods. Pointing out status of goods for consignment to receivers. When creating list and report for receivers and orders, the software will automatically measure the commission, according to the documents.

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