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Purchasing & Payables

The solution allows users to manage material supplement: for those who have many kinds of materials, goods with various suppliers. The structure for material lists, suppliers list is presented in tree chart which help users to easily manage and efficiently search information

-         Managing all steps of purchasing process

-         Managing suppliers’ information

-         Managing materials, raw materials

-         Managing payables

-         Managing input, inventory

-         Creating purchasing reports by different forms

-         Creating input materials, sorted by suppliers

-         Tracking payables for suppliers

-         Creating material order form for departments

The solution supports from the beginning when input material to inventory, recorded receipts, payables and tax fee (if any). From that, the payment for suppliers will be created.

Purchasing transactions is represented by two methods: local purchasing and imported purchasing. All transactions are updated based on the contracts.

Purchase journal is described on reports, through utilities. Users can track purchasing history of any type of material, sorted by suppliers’ names. Based on these statistics, users can have knowledge about which suppliers offer the best price for purchasing activities.

-         Measuring cost of products or services

-         Automatic closing accounting book at the end of period

Annual accounting activities are automatically record at the end of month, on only one source of document, including:

-         Automatically allocate depreciation of fixed assets, tools and equipment

-         Automatically re-measure foreign currency records

-         Allocate cost of production based on set of defined criteria

-         Measure and calculate production cost

-         Adjust output cost of goods based on set of methods defined in accounting policies

-         Automatically forward end of period accounts, determine business results

The software includes a set of reports called “SpreadSheet”, which reflect accounting activities in closing month

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