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Marketing Management

Diversified promotion campaigns management

The software allows marketing staff to manage stock of retail network which is recognized and flexibly managed their prices. Besides that, they can use customers’ preferences analytical tool to create diversified promotion campaigns.

Classify group of target customers meanwhile analyze preferences and behaviors of typical customers for each store. Beside that, its mechanism and tools allow users to effectively manage customers relationship in terms of customers care, communication, personal deal based on Gold; Silver; Bronze member…

  • Reward point card management – Individual or whole store chains. The program manages card through bar code or magnetic code. Its functions are: record new card, manage reward points, implement discount, classify card, exchange card (to the new one, keep the same point), perform discount, sales off for cards in the same system.
  • Establish a customer care connection through email, message…

Set up pricing policy based on classification and position of the store. Record various type of prices such as whole sales price, retail price, cost of goods sold… (depends on user), record any changing in price (changing history).

Promote for new products, discount for a selected group of customers, sales off and any marketing activities. Sales off promotion is perform in a flexible way, according to needs and purposes of marketing manager. There are numbers of promotion formula (discount, gifts, voucher,…) for customers, mixing between different types of promotion. For example: buy one get one, buy one give away one, free gift on customer’s birthday…

  • Promotion can be both automatically and manually calculate when selling
  • Marketing activities can be applied for the whole store chain or applied store, for different group of customers, for all customers or for different types of product

Marketing campaign can be created at center office and send to each store or can be created directly at the store.

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