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Monitoring & analysis

The system allows managers to determine target indicators and gathering reports in real-time. Besides that, through mobile devices, managers can access the system anytime to make timely decisions.

Target indicator

Enterprise performance is ensured by using target indicator dashboard. The solution allows enterprise to analyze key indicators and its dynamics. They are displayed in a variety of views such as brief, detailed and visual.

Key features

  • Build a hierarchical model of targets and target indicators
  • Offer multiple options of performance indicators for analysis and comparison purposes
  • Monitor target indicators with source data clarification such as by time (employing day-week-month) to control and adjust scheme
  • Perform financial result analysis in each line of business
  • Generate various visual forms for analytical reports
  • Support users through mobile devices as well as delivery reports via email

Key benefits

  •  Managers are free to set unlimited target indicators and define procedures for their analysis.
  • Data and statistics are gathered in actual-time to fully support monitoring operations of the entire enterprise.
  • Deviations are proactively identified from the plan, negative dynamics and growth points.
  • Target indicators are allowed to break down to the business operation level.


Through mobile application, users can access the system with mobile devices to perform different activities.

Key features

  • Visual charts or detailed reports illustrate target indicators
  • Target indicators classification
  • Easy to access contact information and profiles of partners
  • Run selective data synchronization to speed up operations


Offer a set of reports providing the executives and employees with data valuable for effective decisions.

Key features

  • Offer analytical and short-term reports
  • Offer pre-configured reports
  • Offer reports with real-time data

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